FFXIII 360/PS3 Differences Revealed

According to Final Fantasy XIII-Net, Weekly Famitsu published an interview with Square-Enix representatives who revealed a few of the differences between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Final Fantasy XIII.  The first difference we’ve known about for some time now, which has been that the PS3 version will ship on one dual-layered Blu-ray disc (50GB), and the Xbox 360 version will ship on multiple dual-layered DVDs (9GB).  What we didn’t know, but always assumed, has now been confirmed.  The Xbox 360 version will have compressed audio and video.  For all those who are nit-picky about which version to buy based solely on technical specifications, well now you have your answer.  Truth be told, depending on your home theatre set-up you may not even notice these audio visual differences, but at least now we all know for certain the two versions won’t be one hundred percent identical.

4 thoughts on “FFXIII 360/PS3 Differences Revealed”

  1. Yep…why am I not surprised? My choice still stands; going with the PS3 version…thank you very much. More than 4 discs for the 360 version would’ve been a stretch, hence the compressing features. Also, most PS3 game have the advantage of having better audio either way.

    Oh well, at least the 360 is actually getting the game. Perhaps the twitter feature will please 360 fans in favor for the compression. I, for one, don’t care about it much.

  2. I dont mind the number of discs, i had a great time with lost oddisey, and this issue didnt bother me that much really, but the issue here is that the ps3 was the lead design console for this game since day one, therefore i will get the PS3 version, it will be the best version for sure, but iam not a sony fanboy, i got most of the Multiplatform games for the 360, because is a common trend that games developed for the two consoles run better on the 360, mostly if the game was developed since day one with the 360 lead choice in mind , except for batman arkham asylum and dragon age, that were better on the ps3 of course.

  3. @Manu_otaku
    All good points, man. Most third-party developers don’t take full advantage of the PS3 hardware simply because they’re going to be released for both platforms…it’s already hell to port games from the 360 to the PS3 due to different architectures so why bother making the PS3 version look significantly better? I will say this though; I’m tired of third-parties being lazy with the PS3 versions of certain games…at least optimize them to make them run as good as the 360 versions.

    About the number of discs, yep I didn’t mind switching discs in games like Star Ocean and Lost Odyssey…I’m just saying it would look weird if a game is released on 5 or 6 discs. I’m not lazy or anything…but it’s monotonous to switch back and forth between discs just to load certain levels or areas. Luckily Lost Odyssey wasn’t developed that way, but Star Ocean does that.

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