DC Remember The Past With Legacies

If there’s one thing DC isn’t very good at, it’s remember their past.  They are without a doubt the oldest comic book company around, with heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman still in print to this very day.  Yet, for whatever reason, DC doesn’t seem to put as much effort into their past as Marvel does.  Well that’s all about to change with Legacies.  It’s a 7-part mini-series looking back at the Golden Age of comics and ending right up to the Modern Age.  The first issue will be drawn by Andy Kubert and his father Joe Kubert.  All we know right now is that the story will show the rise of the superhero at the street level.  It seems to have a sort of Marvels feel to it, and based on that incredible mini-series, this could be really something.

The Source also confirmed that both a 15 part Who’s Who series will be launched showcasing some of the more unknown heroes in the DC universe, and The History of the DC Universe will be re-released in a brand new edition.  If you’re thinking of coming onboard any DC titles, that book is a must.

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