Facebook Page…Round 2, FIGHT!

Update: everything should be working fine now.

Here we go again. After our first failure of creating a static Facebook group a year ago, I’ve decided to take a whack at it again. Game Websites don’t grow overnight, you know. So we’re going to be a bit more patient about this experiment this time around. To tell you the truth, the only reason I’ve been motivated to create a Facebook page is when I heard about the connectivity to Twitter. Now we don’t need to log in to the latter service anymore!

Come, join, interact. We’re still goofing around with features so don’t be afraid to be a fan and drop us a line! Don’t forget to invite your friends over as well. We have a discussion board there which will work well in a trials basis should we make our own forums open to the public.

Project COE Official Facebook Page

3 thoughts on “Facebook Page…Round 2, FIGHT!”

  1. You guys sure? I’ve clicked on the link a few times now and it’s redirecting me to the Facebook page normally. What does it say exactly? Just another broken link or…?

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