Mega Man 10 Debut Trailer!

Thanks to our Mega Man fanatic Tim MacKenzie, we’ve been alerted to the trailer of Mega Man 10 from IGN. Looking good indeed. Having two playable characters from the get-go is the second time this has been ever done in the series (Mega Man & Bass was the first). Level design looks creative and the plot is as cheesy as ever…looks like a parody of Mega Man X’s “Maverick Virus” concept. I’m not expecting connections here, but here’s hoping.

After the title card, you’re shown a teaser of the all-new “Easy Mode”. Level design slightly changes. Some of us won’t be ashamed to pick this mode.

One thought on “Mega Man 10 Debut Trailer!”

  1. I can’t wait to play this! But forget the Easy Mode…I need the challenge! ;)

    I’m rather curious as to what the third playable character will be, the Nintendo Power reveal mentioned that Proto Man is available (and the MM 22nd Birthday Event indicated that Proto Man is available from the start). My money is on Bass/Forte, as he is a popular character in the fanbase, and hasn’t been seen in 8-bit NES form officially. I think Roll would also be a cool addition, since she was playable in Powered Up.

    This also reminds me that there was some speculation that CAPCOM was going to implement bosses from the 90s boss design contest that ran in Nintendo Power (which CAPCOM ran for Mega Man 6 on NES). If you ask me, I think they did take something from that contest for 10….Blade Man. If you freeze the debut trailer video at 1:24, you can see a silhouette of a boss, who is holding a bladed weapon and whose head comes to a sharp point, which looks an awful lot like the “Blade Man” idea ran in the contest. Check it out if you happen to have that issue of Nintendo Power, or if you can find the image online.

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