Jarrod’s Weekly Comics

Hi all, here are my comics for this week.  Just take note that next week only Blackest Night #6 is getting released.  Why DC decided to hold that one comic back is beyond me.  Anyways, here are my glorious books for this week.

The Amazing Spider-Man #616, Arkham Reborn #3 of 3, Avengers: The Initiative #31, Blackest Night: JSA #1 of 3, Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield? One-Shot, and Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield? One-Shot Davis Variant (1:1).
Chew #7, Criminal: The Sinners #3, Detective Comics #860, Fall of the Hulks One-Shot, Fantastic Four #574, and Gotham City Sirens #7.
Green Lantern #49, Image United #2 of 6, Irredeemable #9, Justice Society America #34, The New Avengers #60, and Powers #2.
Secret Warriors #11, Spider-Woman #4, Superman #695, Thor #605, Uncanny X-Men #519, and Unknown Solider #15.
Victorian Undead #2, and World's Finest #3 of 4.

There are some really good books this week like Chew, Spidey, and many others.  I really can’t wait to read Criminal and Powers, both of which are fantastic series.  One book I’m not looking forward to reading is Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield.  The reason for that is because Captain America Reborn isn’t even finished yet, and this issue is the aftermath.  Marvel had major scheduling issues with this particular series and as such, the ending has been completely botched.  Oh well, such is the way these things go sometimes.

What books are you interested in?

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