New Year’s Resolutions [2010]!

Happy New Year, readers! I hope everyone had a good time today. I personally didn’t do anything special; woke up for an extra-curricular course, ate lunch and dinner with my friends, played a few Modern Warfare 2 sessions, and competed with my buddy on Soul Calibur IV. Still, gaming is always eventful to me.

As the holidays fizzle away, we’re going to start pumping up more content. Everyone should appreciate the explosion of reviews recently thanks to Jarrod, Tim, and Justin. While the latter has mostly been editing our backlogged content, there are still a few 2009 reviews he wants to finish up before starting with 2010 releases. That goes for all of us too. I still have to complete my Zelda: Spirit Tracks logs and finish up writing the long-overdue New Super Mario Bros. Wii review. I’ll personally be starting 2010 by checking out Darksiders for the PS3; I’m hearing a lot of praise due to its Zelda-like progression and polish.

Man…this will be our sixth year as a site believe it or not. It’s really hard to grasp 2009 due to how eventful is was for us. 2010 resolutions are sort of hard to pinpoint, too. I can’t speak for everyone’s personal goals, but it goes without saying that we’re all willing to make our site bigger and better. Our 2009 content has been awesome thanks to the blog, but now we have the advantage of starting off the year with a fresh site. As such, expect our content to be as frequent as ever.

Design-wise, Eddy’s back on board and he’s trying to contact a friend to see where we can go from here. COE 3.0 progress has been stagnent and there are talks of starting from scratch by depending on WordPress as our basis rather than Joomla. It’s still under discussion until Eddy gets back to us with more news. Some cosmetic changes to our current layout are expected though. We’re working on getting a customized banner up and there’s a possibility of a theme change. iNove is awesome, but I’ve found something even cooler. What do you guys think of this theme? Looks similar to iNove but with a bit more flash, right? We’re highly considering changing up to this one.

There are three things I’d like to focus on for 2010: more editorials, more videos, and setting up my trip to LA for E3 2010. 2009 is possibly our worst year in terms of editorials. I have a lot of ideas in mind but sadly other content has been taking up my time. Same case with videos, but I’m glad the rest of the staff compensated for my slack offs. As for E3, I’ve set up my vacation time yet am still in the process of obtaining my visa. Hopefully everything goes well. It would be great to finally meet the guys and enjoy E3 together just as they’ve done last year.

So..what have you guys done today? Any gaming? New year’s resolutions of your own? Sound off!

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions [2010]!”

  1. I can second this Ahmed. Personally I’m going through quite a sad time right now, but 2010 is going to be a massive year for us. There are countless excellent games right around the corner, and as a site, we have major changes in the pipeline. I have no doubt that 2010 will be our biggest year yet!

  2. Other than penning more editorials, I would undoubtedly go insane if I attempted any more ‘resolutions’ ;) I think what I’ve done since joining is just fine, and that’s exactly what I’ll continue doing haha. There’s simply no way that my backlog will ever go away, or that I’ll write every review quickly…so, yeah :)

  3. Well, i said more editorials please great to hear is on everyone list of resolutions, i miss those, really, by the way changing the topic here, i think i asked this before but do you Guys have consider to add someone for south america in your cast?

    1. We’re always looking for new blood. We have people from all over the world, from Canada (me) to Saudi Arabia (Ahmed) and others. So long as the person is fluent in the English language, that’s the most important aspect. That and the willingness to work. We dislike freeloaders. If you’d like to apply to the site, just send me an email at, and we’ll ask you to write something as a test. Keep in mind though, if English isn’t your first language, it can be difficult to meet our standards. I hope you understand that.


  4. Thank you Jarrod, but i didnt mean me, i did mentioned it because i would love to see someone that represents south america in your site, english is not my first language, so yes i understand, but thanks again really.

    1. We’re completely multinational. It’s always great to have staff come from all over the world because it gives the site its own unique flavour. If we had someone from South America, we could then have reports on the local gaming scene, etc. This is something that Ahmed was doing before that I always enjoyed because you get to see just how different gaming is in every country.

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