The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Engineer Log – Part IV

Destination Point: Just Beat the Ocean Temple. Heading to the Spirit Temple for the 4th and final Rail Map.

So the Ocean Region was sort of different. It still involved the same Spirit Tracks formula I’ve mentioned before (more or less), but it almost feels like Phantom Hourglass on rails here. The developers have done a good job in bringing PH influences to the table. One problem I still find is lack of exploration on rails. I was really hyped about going under the sea with the Spirit Train, but it’s just a straight-forward path to the temple with a few navigation twists down the road.

The Temple itself is pretty good. I finally got hold of the new whip weapon the game has been advertising. Feels really good and puzzles revolving around it are smart. It might be one of the most unique weapons in the series if this keeps up. Also, the boss this time around is excellent. There’s a nice “pre-boss” sequence that reminds me of Bellum from Phantom Hourglass…wish the rest of the bosses had the same sequence. Also, the boss itself sort of reminds me of one from A Link to the Past. Remember that one you had to beat using the hookshot? Yeah…this one is sort of a variation but you’re using the whip instead.

I’m doing a little backtracking before heading to the Spirit Temple. Seems that NPCs are asking me to drop them off places. Nothing special so far…but each time you successfully drop off people the tracks expand even more, allowing further exploration. Again, lots of potential here.

Expect more updates soon.

5 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Engineer Log – Part IV”

  1. Nice. I got this game for Christmas and I’m loving it so far. I just met Linebeck, so I’m not too far off from you. The dungeons are pretty good so far, and the Fire and Ice boss was really cool.

    The train was fun at first, but it’s really wearing on me. My problem with Wind Waker was that it took forever to get anywhere (and there was the treasure hunting section that drove me nuts). Phantom Hourglass got it right though, since you moved fast and could explore. The train in this game is slow and restrictive, so it’s pretty irritating. I agree with you on your little rant awhile ago (don’t remember when). The one hit kill trains force you to take the long route sometimes, and it’s hard to catch Beatle.

    But the music is awesome so far. There’s this one tiny section in the train song that reminds me of Chrono Trigger for some reason. Maybe it’s just me. I remember you bashing PH’s soundtrack, and thinking back, I don’t remember a single song besides Linebeck’s theme.

    So yeah, the game is awesome. I really like these logs you guys do for games. Keep up the good work.

  2. This sounds great guys. I’m currently playing inFamous trying to unlock the Platinum trophy, but after that I’d really like to get into this. I’ll be moving on Sunday though so I have TONS of stuff to do. Perhaps I can jump into this while I go to work ;)

  3. @Xtrememuffinman

    Yep. Loved that 2nd Ice/Fire boss. Pretty innovative.

    I’m glad you agree with me regarding train transportation, man. I’m finding it weird that most media sites actually prefer this over Phantom Hourglass’ ship exploration. The only redeeming factor with trains is the ability to transport people and objects.

    I don’t think you’re off regarding ST’s music. It’s extremely Celtic in nature which is why Chrono Trigger immediately comes to mind. There’s an AWESOME track that plays during a cutscene in the 4th floor of the Spirit Temple. You’ll definitely look me up once you listen to it. And yeah, Phantom Hourglass’ music stinks. Nothing original. Most of the tracks are ripped from the likes of Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time. ST on the other hand has some really catchy music.

    Glad you’re enjoying the logs dude. I’m thinking of doing something similar with Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, but I’m not sure if it’ll interest our readers.

    @Jarrod Nichol

    I’ve been noticing your PSN logs, man. Yeah…lots of Infamous there. You downloaded the extras?

  4. Just beat the temple. On my way to the tower.

    I just wanted to point out immediately after I posted the original comment, it said “5 hours ago”. Probably a time-zone thing, but just wanted to say.

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