Sony Confirms PS3 Firmware Update For 3D Gaming/Movie Watching

As I just let you know in the other news article, Sony’s CES 2010 presentation revealed some really interesting news bits.  Not only is Sony expanding the PSN to other devices, but they have confirmed their full support for 3D movies and games.  The best news of all is that the PS3 will be receiving a firmware update to allows 3D gaming and 3D Blu-ray movie watching.  In order to watch a 3D movie or play a 3D-enabled game, you must have one of the new 3D HDTVs hitting the market later this year and a pair of 3D glasses.

Whether or not this catches on remains to be seen, but CES 2010 is proving one thing to all of us here at COE, everyone and their mother is jumping onto the 3D bandwagon.  Microsoft, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, Sony and virtually everyone else has confirmed their support for 3D.  From new 3D-enabled HDTVs to transmitters and 3D glasses.  CES 2010 is clearly the stepping stone for 3D support.

Are you interested in 3D movies, and gaming in 3D?  Keep in mind I’m talking 3D images coming out of the screen via 3D glasses, not three dimension gameplay ;)

4 thoughts on “Sony Confirms PS3 Firmware Update For 3D Gaming/Movie Watching”

  1. Well i dont mind at all 3D gaming or TV, at least until the technology is really mature and the equipment is low cost, i dont want to use glasses that hurt my eyes and have a hughe headache for playing a long period of time.

    I rather wait until 3D stands for 3 dimension in all the sense of the words, i mean holographics baby

  2. Yeah man that’d be wicked. The fact that Sony’s giving this firmware update for free is all I really care about. I honestly don’t have the time or money to invest in a 3D set-up anytime soon, but knowing my PS3 will have this feature is intriguing. It means that at least I’ll have a machine capable of displaying 3D videos if I should ever upgrade my home entertainment system in the future.

  3. It’s going to be years until I get to experience “true” 3D gaming. I don’t think 3D HDTVs are even out here yet…and even if they do come out, they’re going to be ridiculously overpriced as most new technology. I’d rather save up my money for a high-end 1080p HDTV to replace my HD-ready one.

  4. Yeah Ahmed, it’s going to be a few more years before every HDTV has 3D capabilities. These TVs are only just going to be hitting the market towards the end of the year, and as you said, they won’t be cheap. I think I’ll experience this sometime in the future, but not anytime soon. For now, I can enjoy 3D movies at the cinema.

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