MAG Beta: Download it now from the PSN!!!

Lookie at the email we got from Playstation Network! Enjoy the beta folks and see you online

Download the MAG Beta Today from the Playstation Store! Available from January 4 until January 10 at 5 PM PST.
MAG is a massive action First Person Shooter in an ever-changing global war.

Climb the ranks and gain the experience needed to own the battlefield.

The Beta is now live and available for access 24/7 until January 10. Join the Shadow War today!


Engage in 256-player online battles managed by an intuitive Command and Control system. Conquer objectives by working together.

One thought on “MAG Beta: Download it now from the PSN!!!”

  1. Sort of old, man. Like 4 days old. I wish I knew of this earlier. It’s not worth playing 2.8 GB worth of data for just one day. The concept of an FPS/MMO does intrigue me though.

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