The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Engineer Log – Part V: Side-quests and Timeline Theories!

Destination Point: Goron Country. Heading towards the Fire Temple.

The puzzle to access the 4th Lokomo Sage stumped me at first. I knew the solution, but did not know how to implement it. As such, I was able to do a ton of side-questing as soon as I obtained the inevitable “freight cart” attachment for my train. Obviously, you obtain the ability to drop off “objects” in addition to people, yet the former doesn’t adhere to a strict driving rule. Just don’t get hit…and with some items like ice and fish you’ll have to reach your destination as fast as possible because they “waste” over time. Fun and basic, yet tedious. Rewards for finishing all these drop-off quests are  “Force Gems” and yet even more expanding tracks, both allowing you to travel faster between and within regions. If you’ve dropped off people before gaining the freight cart, things will be much easier and less tedious with object transportation. There are multiple warp points per region which use the power of the Force Gems to activate…very convenient with some of the bigger backtracking quests. Speaking of which, I got the Engineer Garb Link had on in the intro of the game! Awesome.

I found the Force Gems to be a rather interesting addition in terms of the Zelda timeline. Phantom Hourglass had obvious references to the Four Sword series, particularly the talk about the “Sand of Hours” being a physical manifestation of “The Light Force” first mentioned in “The Minish Cap”. PH and ST refer to this power as “Life Force”…but all signs point that both are one and the same. The Light Force is found in all inhabitants of these games, mimicking Star Wars in a way. Spirit Tracks reveals another manifestation of The Light Force via Force Gems…and it seems that inhabitants of this incarnation of Hyrule can summon these Gems at will. Also, don’t forget that Force Gems can also be found in Four Swords Adventures.

Now bear with me here…what do Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and the Four Swords Games have in common? I’ll tell you; they do not mention the Triforce whatsoever. Pretty weird since it’s the most important relic in the series, right? Only The Life/Light Force is detailed in these games which has some sort of mysterious relationship with the Triforce (assuming). I’ve been convinced for quite sometime that The Minish Cap and Four Swords Adventures take place after Phantom Hourglass and by extension The Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks. By tracking the last time we’ve seen the Triforce in physical form, The Wind Waker, I can clearly see a huge relationship between all aforementioned games.

To recap before I show you proof, here’s the part of the Timeline I’m trying to prove: The Wind Waker => Phantom Hourglass => Spirit Tracks => The Minish Cap => Four Swords => Four Swords Adventures.

Individually, we all can’t deny the order of The Wind Waker Timeline (TWW/PH/ST) and The Four Swords Timeline (TMC/FS/FSA) since both are confirmed by the developer and games themselves…it’s the tie between them that I’m theorizing about.

SPOILER ALERT. This is the cutscene just before the final battle with Ganondorf in The Wind Waker, the last time the Triforce is seen in my proposed timeline. It contains some epic storytelling, dialogue, and possibly the best Ganondorf laugh I’ve ever heard. Gives me chills every time. In minute 3, you’ll see King Daphnes’ wish on the Triforce…which definitely acts as a prologue for Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. The wish for Link and Zelda to find a new Hyrule and wash away the old one…the new land referring to the one we’re witnessing in Spirit Tracks currently. As soon as he’s done with the wish, the Triforce separates into its 3 pieces and fades away. I think the King’s wish has a stipulation on the Triforce’s manifestation form after The Wind Waker. ’cause remember, the wish itself is vague: grant the children hope, shine a ray of hope on the land, etc. I’m suggesting that the Light/Life Force and the Triforce are one and the same, just different “forms” if you will. In order to grant more “hope”, the Triforce interprets the King’s wish so that it can never gathered this easily again by anyone. So instead of having only 3 bearers of each piece, the Triforce bearers are all the people of the land in the form of The Light/Life Force. As we’ve seen in Phantom Hourglass and The Minish Cap, some individuals may have more Life Force than others (in the case of Tetra and Zelda)…and by some technique of black magic it can be sucked out of an individual, rendering him/her a statue of stone. You can’t tell me that the Life and Light Forces are different entities after seeing these similar properties in both TMC and PH.

Phew…now that’s a mouthful. Forgive me for ranting, readers. The Zelda Timeline is one of my passions and I can’t help but write about my theories as a soon as I’m inspired. Keep it locked for more progress on Spirit Tracks.

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