Monster Hunter Frontier Online Announced For The Xbox 360

Capcom’s big announcement from Japan was the revelation of Monster Hunter Frontier Online for the Xbox 360.  We’ve talked a little bit about Monster Hunter Tri, and how the series is extremely popular over in Japan.  So while this news may seem sort of dull to you, understand that this series has sold millions.  This is a very big win for Microsoft.  We’re trying to ascertain whether or not the game will be a timed exclusive or a “full” exclusive.  Either way, Microsoft we salute you because if there’s one country where you need bring your A game, it’s over in Japan.

We have the first trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

4 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Frontier Online Announced For The Xbox 360”

  1. Score for Microsoft once again! They’ve been incredibly street-smart with Japan throughout the whole 360 life-span, scoring some cool exclusives here and there. Maybe Monster Hunter will finally give the console the push it needs there.

    I heard that there’s a good system in place for the online fees. Apparently, you need exclusive credit for the game itself…some sort of Monster Hunter Ticket. 30 days worth of that is bundled with 30 days of XBL Gold for free. It sounds good, but it looks like those who want more than a month need to pay up XBL Gold and the game’s own fees. Still don’t understand everything about what they’re planning.

  2. Yeah I was reading a bit about that. It seems like you have to pay for your typical Xbox Live Gold account, and then the regular fee to play the MMORPG. That’s quite a bill, but it may be worth it if the game’s fun to play. I’m quite curious to see how this one performs because the Wii Monster Hunter didn’t perform quite as well as Capcom had hoped. Like I said on the staff boards, I believe this could be one of those series where it really sells on portables because it’s better suited for that kind of play.

  3. Yes but the wii Monster Hunter did better that the iterations for the PS2, so i think there is a market for monster hunter on consoles, and i dont know if this game is going to help microsoft in japan, becuase this is MMORPG port game of 2007 for the PC,
    and i think it didnt do well on the pc.

  4. Yup Manu that’s exactly right. I think Capcom was a little too ambitious with their expectations for Monster Hunter on the Wii. The title didn’t bomb or anything, but I believe they wanted PSP numbers. I still believe this could be a series that simply works better on portables, but we shall see. As for this Microsoft deal, yeah it’s not an original title and the pricing is a little complex so I’m not entirely sure how successful this will be, but it’s still a win at least in political terms. Microsoft is trying to win over Japan any way they can. The sheer amount of money they’ve invested over there is rather surprising given their overall sales. They’re thinking long term and that’s very smart, but like you said, I’m not holding my breath for this specific title.

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