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Hey everyone, I purposely didn’t upload this story yesterday because of all the iPad news.  I figured I’d leave it until today, which is exactly what I’ve done.  There were quite a few books released yesterday.  Below you can see everything I decided to pick up.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever written this before, but I purchase all of my comics from Komico.  The website is far from high-tech, but at least you can check out the local shop where I get my goods.  So let’s get started.

Amazing Spider-Man #619, Avengers: The Initiative #32, Batman and Robin #7, Captain America Reborn #6 of 6, Captain America Reborn #6 of 6 Variant (1:1), and Chew #8.
Daredevil #504, Detective Comics #861, Fantastic Four #575, Green Lantern #50, Irredeemable #10, and Kick-Ass #8.
Ms. Marvel #49, New Avengers #61, Pilot Season: Demonic #1, Secret Warriors #12, Superman #696, and Thor #606.
Ultimate Comics - Enemy #1, The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh, Unknown Soldier #16, and Victorian Undead #3.

Some of my favorite series are featured this week including, but not limited to, Chew, New Avengers, Unknown Soldier, and of course Amazing Spider-Man.  Given I just moved I’ve still got a few books to read from last week, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to catch up soon enough.

In comic-related news Marvel has confirmed that every single Avengers book will be canceled in the coming months after the events of Siege unfold.  What’s even more interesting is that Marvel plans to combine all the Avengers books into one “main” title, simply called Avengers.  At this time they have no plans to revert back to the original numbering.  This is wise as it gives them a brand new #1 issue written by superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis himself.  I expect the numbering to revert back to its original form once it hits a milestone like #700 or so.

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