MistWalker Defects; The Last Story is Wii-bound!

This is big news for RPG fanatics out there. One should expect the unexpected this generation. It looks like MistWalker’s exclusive partnership with Microsoft is officially over with the announcement of “The Last Story” for the Nintendo Wii. Great asset by Nintendo. The title card and name remind me of Final Fantasy a lot, but that’s not surprising given Mr. Sakaguchi’s history with Square.

Ever since Lost Odyssey was released 2 years ago, MistWalker has been unbelievably quiet about their next big console game. Instead, they’ve taken the liberty to work on various handheld titles. ASH, Blue Dragon Plus, Away Shuffle Dungeon, and Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow. We’ve never gotten an explanation on the stipulations behind the Blue Dragon franchise’s exclusivity, but we’ve all assumed that it’s only for Microsoft’s 360. Also, the trend of DS releases give us a hint about MistWalker being a “free agent” of sorts, being able to work on other consoles and with other publishers.

“The Last Story” is a 2010 title resulting from a partnership between Nintendo and MistWalker, much like Metroid: Other M that’s co-developed by Nintendo’s internal team and Team Ninja. There are hints that this will be published outside of Japan as well…Nintendo of America would be dumb to pass this up.

We’re all assuming that composer Nobuo Uematsu will have his hand on this game’s music. But what about actual programming? MistWalker is a company that only works on story/scenario/artwork and outsources the rest of the work to other developers. MistWalker has a great relationship with FeelPlus (Lost Odyssey) and Artoon (Blue Dragon), so perhaps we’ll see one of them working on the game. Better yet, since this is a MistWalker/Nintendo production, maybe one of Nintendo’s studios is booked for development. I highly doubt the EAD teams are free. Brownie Brown (Mother 3, Magical Starsign), Genius Sorority (DQ Swords, DQ series), and Intelligent Systems (Paper Mario series, Fire Emblem)–take your pick. These studios worked on RPGs before. Monolith Soft is out of the question since they’re working on Nintendo’s other big Wii RPG: Monado a.k.a. Xenoblade.

I’m excited to know more about The Last Story. I was blown away by Lost Odyssey and think it’s one of the better RPGs this generation. Let’s hope lightning strikes twice and MistWalker delivers another classic that’s not as bare-bones as Blue Dragon.

Source: Official Nintendo Teaser Page (via Siliconera)

5 thoughts on “MistWalker Defects; The Last Story is Wii-bound!”

  1. I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t see this coming at all. I’ve put in a request with our Microsoft reps to figure out exactly what their deal was with Mistwalker. I seriously doubt they’ll get back to me, but stranger things have happened. Be sure to post the first screenshots once they become available Ahmed as this is extremely big news.

  2. Hell yeah, I love Sakaguchi, and I have a Wii (but no 360). Him working on the game is enough incentive for a purchase.

    If I had to take a pick, it would definitely be Intelligent Systems. Fire Emblem is one of my absolute favorite franchises, and when Radiant Dawn was announced, I bought a Wii (though I’ll admit I was pretty disappointed by the game). Paper Mario is also way awesome.

    The Wii looks like it’s going to have a great future ahead of it, a perfect remedy for the long drought it’s had (it was awesome when it first came out). Mario Galaxy 2, New Zelda, Epic Mickey, Fragile Dreams (I really like Tri-Crescendo), a new Xenogears/saga (http://wii.ign.com/articles/106/1065032p1.html), and now this.
    This year in gaming is actually pretty huge. Peace Walker, God of War III, FFXIII, Last Guardian, Persona 3 Portable, etc.

    I should get a job.

    1. @Xtrememuffinman:

      Yeah, man. That new Xeno game is the Japanese name of Monando, which is developed by Monolith. Can’t wait for that game, too. Looks like Nintendo’s going RPG-crazy with their system this year.

      @Jarrod Nichol:

      I really hope that Microsoft gets back to you, ’cause it’s plain weird that MistWalker is branching out like that with no 360 announcements in the horizon. Have they finally let the developer go?

  3. This is great news, i loved the games maded by mystwalker this gen, blue dragon an Lost oddisey, i hope this one turns that well too, and i agree with Xtrememuffinman i need to get 3 jobs, i own the 3 consoles and theres +50 AAA titles coming this year spread in all consoles, and now i had to add this and the monolith Xeno RPG game. damn i need to own a bank as well.

  4. This is very good news indeed and I will be buying the game once it comes out! More RPG love for the Wii is always a great thing in my eyes

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