New King of the Hill, Baby: The Nintendo Wii Takes Crown from NES!

Pretty impressive numbers, folks. It’s clear that Nintendo is the winner of this generation and won’t finish last like the past few generations before. Also, the Nintendo Wii has beaten the NES worldwide hardware sales (the 8-bit King was Nintendo’s best-selling console system, until now), which sold 61.91 million units during it’s retail run many years ago. As for the Nintendo DS sales?!?! All I can say is WOW and congrats, Nintendo!

LIFETIME WII SALES – HARDWARE (Through Dec. 2009, in units)
Worldwide: 67.45 million
Japan: 9.72 million
North & South America: 32.02 million
Europe & Elsewhere: 25.71 million

LIFETIME WII SALES – SOFTWARE (Through Dec. 2009, in units)
Worldwide: 509.66 million
Japan: 46.57 million
North & South America: 275.84 million
Europe & Elsewhere: 187.24 million

LIFETIME DS SALES – HARDWARE (Through Dec. 2009, in units)
Worldwide: 125.13 million
Japan: 29.2 million
North & South America: 44.99 million
Europe & Elsewhere: 50.23 million

LIFETIME DS SALES – SOFTWARE (Through Dec. 2009, in units)
Worldwide: 688.29 million
Japan: 171.99 million
North & South America: 261.90 million
Europe & Elsewhere: 254.41 million

6 thoughts on “New King of the Hill, Baby: The Nintendo Wii Takes Crown from NES!”

  1. It’s hard to believe, but when you look at all the millions of people that have been introduced to gaming thanks to the Wii, things slowly start to come into perspective. Congrats Nintendo, your gamble surely paid off.

  2. Yeah man I know what you mean my friend. It’s amazing that the NES has kept it’s crown for soo many years and it looked like no new Nintendo console would beat it etc.

    How times have changed indeed.

  3. Ahmed, I want to see how the Nintendo DS 2 will sell and the Wii 2 as well. I’m thinking the next major console won’t sell like the Nintendo Wii myself

    Who knows

  4. Well timothy maybe if the wii 2 is a holographic console it will sell even better than the wii itself, remember years back nintendo worked with some company from the nasa to apply this tech, if i dont recall wrong. who knows but it is going to be hard to equal the success of the wii, thats for sure.

    And i tip my hat off for nintendo they had played really well their cards this gen i think we will have nintendo for another 30 more years, i hope so

  5. Yes, I’m thinking the Big N will be around for many more years, Manu otaku :)

    But, I do want to see their series and IP’s taken to the next level sooner than later.

    What I would not do if Mario Kart Wii 2 had full track editers, where we can upload user content online to be shared and used during online matches. Also, I would love where we can make our own karts, and have more custom features too.

    Like Zelda, I want the game to be on the level of Dragon Age, or Mass Effect in terms of story, dialogue and other epic elements. Man, there is a lot Nintendo can do, if they were not soo lazy ;)

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