GDC 2010: Major Sony News Revealed

Let’s start off with the biggest news first.  Sony has revealed the name for their upcoming motion controller and it’s Move. Sony also confirmed that LittleBigPlanet and SOCOM 4 will both make use of the new controller.  Sony even announced a brand new game that will be controlled entirely by the Move, called Motion Fighters.

As previous rumours suggested, Move will also feature a ‘sub-controller’ or nunchuck controller that will be joined to the wand wirelessly.  Sony has yet to pinpoint exactly what forms of bundles will be available at launch, but confirmed there would be more than one.  Starter bundles will include the Move, a game and the PlayStation Eye all for under $100 USD.  It’s highly likely they will also release Move on its own for people who already own a PlayStation Eye.

Other titles that were showcased during Sony’s GDC press conference include a Wii Sports type game called Sports Champions.  The demo showed a gladiator fight that was extremely detailed with one to one movement recreation.  There’s also a table tennis game, a golf game, and pretty well everything else you can imagine from a Wii Sports clone, except all in high def looking extremely impressive.

Move Party was another title showcased whereby users snapped a picture of themselves with the PlayStation Eye, and slap it on the game’s character.  The demo showcased a series of mini-games from Move Party including some that had players having to draw within lines, and also had a bunch of friends playing together online all with their own faces on their characters.

Finally EyePet was shown, but we already have seen just about everything this game has to offer, except now with Move support.

The other big news was the confirmation that Gran Turismo 5 is indeed scheduled for release sometime this year.

The last bit of information revealed during the press conference was that a firmware update will be released this summer that will allow PS3 owners to watch 3D Blu-ray movies and play 3D-enabled videogames.  Naturally you need a 3D capable HDTV and a pair of those snazzy 3D glasses in order to reap the rewards of this firmware update, but Sony says this all goes towards future-proofing the system.

So there you have it folks.  A lot of information was released, and we’re going to have much more in the coming hours.  We’ll have the latest screenshots of all these games, as well as the Move controller itself.  So, what are your initial thoughts on all of this?

2 thoughts on “GDC 2010: Major Sony News Revealed”

  1. I sort of have mixed reactions on all this. On one hand, Sony definitely has the technological advantage over Nintendo. Move will definitely be really impressive. On the other hand, it’s definitely heavily inspired by the Wii, unlike Natal which uses a different method of input.

    Price point is extremely important here. Sony needs to include so many types of bundles in order to widen its market appeal. The most important one of all is to have an official PS3-Move bundle…the system itself and its controller…and the price point better be attractive. The default bundle you mentioned there is also a smart move: Wii Sports-like software, controller, and Eye under 100$ sounds reasonable enough.

    I like that some of the old games will be compatible with the technology via firmware. It’s a snazzy idea.

  2. I’m right there with you Ahmed. On one hand Sony has a history of improving Nintendo technology. Look no further than the DualShock. Sony took what Nintendo made famous with the Rumble Pack and analog stick and ran with it. If the same holds true here than great, but right now this is really a Wii rip-off more than anything else. So long as the end result proves fun and worthwhile, it may find a market but as it stands now it may be nothing more than a cheap diversion.

    Everything will depend on pricing, marketing, etc. We already know there will be plenty of bundles, but history has shown that typically peripherals don’t sell very well. With what Microsoft is doing they’re approaching motion from a completely different angle and that may prove successful only because it’s something completely new. You can bet it’s going to marketed as such anyways.

    The next post I’m putting together will showcase all the Move games so perhaps you’ll have more to comment on that. Already I can tell the games will be technically impressive, but everything will be based on how well these games play in relation to their Wii counterparts. The last thing we need is another waggle-fest.

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