Suffering from MAPATHY: Modern Warfare 2 DLC Hitting the Streets Soon!

Despite the recent shake up in Infinity Ward, they seem to be still alive and kicking! The Xbox Live Marketplace have finally announced details on Modern Warfare 2’s first DLC map pack, titled the Stimulus Package. The 360 has a timed exclusive deal in getting these maps first…so mark your calendars to March 30, XBLA fans! The PS3 and PC versions will come eventually…as a PS3 owner of MW2, I hope that day isn’t 6 months later. Fans of the series should rejoice since the pack has 2 out of 5 maps that are ripped out straight from the first Modern Warfare! Here are the basic details of each one:

Bailout – a multi-level apartment complex

Storm – an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery

Salvage – a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars.

Crash – a war-torn urban environment (CoD4)

Overgrown – features a massive dry creek bed (CoD4)

Bailout and Storm sound very interesting to me. Either way, these should rejuvenate my interest in online multiplayer. I’ve been playing MW2 nonstop for 3 months, but recently took a hiatus to focus on my other games. I do sneak a game or two if my friends want to play me.

How about you guys? Still have the MW2 fever? Which map are you excited about the most based on these basic descriptions? What price-point should this pack have? Will you be waiting for the PS3 version like me? Sound off your thoughts here!

BTW: I’m glad that I have the PS3 version, BTW. I’ve been recently exposed to the amount of hacking going on for the 360 version and quite frankly it’s ridiculous! Just look around YouTube and you’ll find so many people cheating their way through the game. The PS3 version thankfully does not have any of that jazz because of the system’s unfamiliar architecture.

Source: XBLA Marketplace (via IGN)

BTW, I just found this HILARIOUS marketing page related to the map packs. Looks official to me. It almost sounds like a real disease. If that’s the case, I’d say most gamers are suffering from it right now.

8 thoughts on “Suffering from MAPATHY: Modern Warfare 2 DLC Hitting the Streets Soon!”

  1. I’m sorry pal, but there’s nothing to be happy about with the inclusion of CoD4 maps. If this pack was free, which it won’t, then I wouldn’t have issue…but paying for content that I already purchased two years ago is absolutely ludicrous. Even MW’s only pack had just four (Creek, Chinatown, Broadcast, Killhouse), and Chinatown was mostly based on a past CoD multiplayer map.

    This is another prime example of how publishers will be as lazy as possible to make a buck. It’s somewhat of a comfort that Crash and Overgrown were among my favorite maps, but it’s no excuse that I have to pay for them again. It’s great that the experiences will be dramatically different thanks to the rebalancing and new perks…but still, the likely $10 price is a total disservice. At least EA has the decency to release FREE packs for Bad Company 2, regardless of its ability to compete with MW2.

    1. You make perfect sense, man. Old maps should be given free of charge. Definitely with you there. From my standpoint, these maps are new to me…which is why I’m excited. But for most fans of the franchise, this is technically a disservice.

      Respect to EA for including a free DLC voucher to all the initial shipments of Bad Company 2. Knowing that I’ll get maps for free definitely makes a world of a difference.

      1. Good grief it’s turned out even worse. Activision is ripping us of $15 for this stupid pack. Screw this company. The news will fit in nicely with an editorial I’m planning.

        1. Yessh. 15$. Damn. That’s expensive. That’s like a quarter of the cost of the full game itself. Even if it were 5 original maps, it shouldn’t cost me this much to get them. I was honestly expecting 10 or less. The sad thing is that I’m going to give in and buy the stupid pack because I’m a sucker for MW2. lol.

          Looking forward to that editorial, dude.

          1. Money, money. money, MONEY! That’s all I have to say about that. When you have a game that’s sold as much as MW2, money gets to your head.

          2. Yeah dude, people can try to point out ‘value over time’ all they want…but they’re not the ones about to make an undeserved $15+ million, and with only 60% of the content even original. They basically just turned MW2 into an $80 game, which is irritating beyond belief. At least throw in some extra goodies too, like a Spec Ops expansion, and possibly new weapons/perks. Maps just doesn’t cut it.

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