Bungie Re-Registers ‘Marathon’

Think you know Bungie, well let’s put that to the test.  Long before Halo, Bungie was actually a very popular Mac developer.  Yes, that’s right, you’re not dreaming.  I did indeed say “Mac” developer.  As in, Apple Macintosh computers.  One of their biggest franchises was the Marathon trilogy.  It turns out that on March 11th Bungie registered the trademark once again.  What exactly this means right now we have no idea, but if CVG is correct, perhaps Bungie could be working on a next/current generation version, or sequel to the classic franchise.

What was that about Steam heading to the Mac?  Well, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.  If anything, this news likely means that Marathon could be making its way either to Xbox Live Arcade, or to the Xbox 360 in a brand new sequel or remastered port.

3 thoughts on “Bungie Re-Registers ‘Marathon’”

  1. Guys, great news that bungie is focussing on other series than Halo, just a question this Marathon game was a FPS back in the day, i ask this because i never did played computer games, therefore i dont know anything about this game or any other for that matter

  2. Marathon was a sci-fi FPS, originally released around the same time as DOOM if my memory serves me correctly. The interesting thing with this series is that it takes place within the same universe as Halo, and another Bungie series Pathways Into Darkness. All of these series take place within that same universe, which is pretty cool. Marathon in particular is sort of like the spiritual precursor to Halo.

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