Nintendo of America on Crack: Samurai Warriors 3 Heading Stateside!

I would have never–ever–expected this partnership in a million years. In an attempt to show strong support for third-party titles, NOA has decided to publish Tecmo-Koei’s Samurai Warriors 3 in North America, exclusively for the Wii of course. Whaa?!

Boy, where should I start with the complaints? The internet is already flaming mad as it is.

Look, I love it as much as the next guy when I hear of collaborations between companies. Nintendo and their American arm have mostly made good decisions that date back to the GameCube days. Mostly. This one, however, is definitely not one of their highlights. Why? Because it’s a Dynasty Warriors spin-off. For crying out loud, I have no idea why this series is around to this very day! Each installment is exactly like the next one. It’s just boring hack-‘n-slash gameplay with no appealing factors for today’s developed market. While I commend the addition of online multiplayer to this installment in particular (about time), it’s too little, too late. For once I will be pre-judging a game before its release since Dynasty Warriors has never tried to innovate.

You know what’s sad? This collaboration comes fresh after NOA’s better ventures such as advertising Monster Hunter Tri and Dragon Quest IX. Moreover, we still have no news on games NOA should pick up, some of which they’ve most likely passed on. This growing list includes: Fatal Frame IV (ironically it’s a Tecmo-developed game), Another Code R, Soma Bringer, Xenoblade, The Last Story, and that recently-announced M-rated game that Nintendo of Japan are about to release (the title eludes me at the moment).

Here’s my theory on why NOA picked up this game in particular: right place, right time. Team Ninja, a Tecmo-based development team, is working with Nintendo on Metroid: Other M….and what better way to return the favor that to publish a recent game from Tecmo-Koei’s library? It should’ve been Fatal Frame IV though…not this piece of crap.

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