God of War III Review

God of War III (Only available on PlayStation 3)
ESRB Rating: M
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Action
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Sony Santa Monica Studios
Release Date: March 16th, 2010

Parent Talk (ESRB Rating Explanation & Specs): God of War III has been in production for several years, and comes at you on one 50gb Blu-ray disc.  Natively the game features 5.1 DTS surround sound, 480p/720p/1080i visual support, but is up-scaled to 1080p for those with powerful enough HDTVs.  It also supports Trophies, and the DualShock 3 controller.  Installation also isn’t necessary, so just put the game in and away you go.  The game requires around ten hours, depending on your skill level, and the selected difficulty.  It’s a single-player offering, with gratuitous violence at every single turn.  There’s lots and lots of blood, ripping off heads, etc, so make sure there are no children around as you play.  Parents take note; don’t buy this for your kids, no matter how much they beg.  There is also ample amounts of nudity.

Kratos is back baby!  After what feels like an eternity, the Ghost of Sparta has finally landed on the PlayStation 3 to go head-to-head with Zeus and exact sweet, sweet revenge.  Along the way, be prepared for some of the most epic battles ever.  Imagine scaling Mount Olympus on the back of the titan Gaia.  Suddenly Poseidon attacks, creating water creatures that rip right through her.  Kratos, chain blades in hand, swings into retaliate.  All of this runs at a rock-solid frame rate.  Welcome back to the world of God of War, which we’ve been away from for far too long.

The Great:

The opening twenty minutes will leave you in shock and awe.  No word of a lie; GoWIII’s beginning is the very best I’ve played in an action game, and perhaps any videogame ever created.  It manages to reach a new level of epicness, which I know isn’t a word.  That’s how bloody good it is!

The Good:

+The environments.  If you don’t own an HDTV, this is your one final excuse.  You simply can’t play God of War III otherwise, and preferably of the 1080p persuasion.  As usual, Sony SM has taken Greek mythology’s most familiar locations, turned them upside-down and ripped them apart from the inside-out.  The game’s first portion takes place as the Titans raid Mount Olympus, later on you venture down to Hades’ netherworld as millions of free souls try to escape.  It doesn’t matter if you happen to step into a cavern, everything about GoW III is about jaw-dropping environments the likes of which you’ve never seen, let alone been an active player in.  The scale is literally through the roof, sky, heavens…I think you understand.  Again, BUY AN HDTV before playing!

+The detail.  There’s something to be said about seeing little bugs crawling on a wall, then running over a corpse lying in the background.  These minute touches are everywhere in the game.  The small gameplay additions make their presence felt as a result.  For example, the first person kills.  Without spoiling, there’s are times when Kratos grabs an enemy’s head and goes to town on him, and you witness it all through the poor victim’s eyes.

+The refined combat.  Before, there were a few just alright weapons.  This time Kratos’s arsenal has been nailed.  Just about every weapon has a purpose, and some enemies require switching between them to be eliminated.  Simply use the D-pad to transition between your trusty blades, power gloves, and others.  Certain weapons even have an influence on the environment.  Even the magic has been overhauled, so arcane attacks completely changed depending on the current active weapon.  There are four primary attacking weapons, and a slew of secondary toys and abilities.  These range from Apollo’s bow to Hermes’ boots.  No matter what’s equipped though, a good time is guaranteed.

+Everything old is new again.  All of the classic clichés return.  There are tons of quick-time events, a sex scene, and about everything else you expect from the series, both good and bad.  The big difference lies in the slight modifications, which amount to a lot.  No longer does a random button icon appear on screen.  They instead appear in the order they appear on the controller.  I mentioned this in my hands-on log several days back.  Even the sex scene has been refined, but I won’t spoil it.  All I’ll say is play through twice.  Even the puzzles, which many complained about in God of War II, are more logical in the scope of the game.  The bottom line is: everything you enjoyed before is back, but tweaked for the better.

The Bad:

-Haven’t I been here?  That’s an inevitable question in GoWIII.  Even though the game is a mere ten hours, several areas are revisited before besting the king of the gods.  Thankfully they’re brief and don’t bog down the experience, but it warrants a mention just the same.

-That’s it folks.  After an amazing build up, I found the events leading up to the conclusion to be a downer.  That’s not to say I didn’t have fun, but I think the last few chapters are slow in comparison to the rest of the adventure.

The Ugly:

High-def wrinkly, sagging boobs.  YUCK!  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

The Lowdown:

I can’t award God of War III our highest honour of Cherish It only because in this world of buy, and trade back, the game simply doesn’t offer players enough to keep returning.  You invest a healthy twenty hours, finish it a few times, unlock all the trophies…and move on.  It’s designed to be fully enjoyed from the get-go.  Still, this is one of the most enjoyable PS3 games I’ve played since launch.  You’d be a fool not to experience everything this gem offers.


5 thoughts on “God of War III Review”

  1. Yay! Finally our first review that uses our updated scheme has been launched. Good stuff, man. Nicely-written. Enjoyed the touch of humor here and there! Keep it up.

  2. Man the medals, were are the medals, sorry for the brant, now great review and i love the changes neat stuff, but where are the medals?, i want the medals……………

  3. Very nice, though I’ll say that I actually think it’s the best in the series. GoW II perfected the combat, and III added more depth and layers. I also enjoyed the pacing, and unlike most everyone else, thought the ending was perfect.
    But I have to ask, what complaints were there for GoW II’s puzzles. I personally thought they were the best part of the game.

  4. Many people complained that God of War II simply featured too many puzzles. While I personally enjoyed every God of War, I think III really nailed the pacing. It was the first one where they just got everything perfect.

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