iPad Has Arrived

I know I was a little hesitant about the iPad upon its initial announcement, but given all the apps released on launch day (today), I’m starting to think I will pick one up when it arrives in Canada.  Hopefully that will be in a few week’s time from now.  It’s very clear that this device is going to be the ultimate e-reader, but it’s also looking like Apple is going to position the device as one heck of a portable gaming device.  The games already announced for the thing looks quite promising, with many more coming.

iPad has a few issues like the lack of true multi-tasking, no camera for video conferencing, among others.  The good news is that Apple is hard at work on iPhone OS update 4.0, which will allow for third party apps to run concurrently with one another.  So that should fix one of my biggest problems with the device.  As for the hardware limitations, well that’s where a second generation model comes into play.

I’ve already heard from several third parties asking if we plan to pick up the device, because they want to issue us iTunes codes so we can get our hands on several high profile launch games.  Once the device hits Canada later this month, there’s a very good chance I will pick one of these up just so we can start reviewing more games for the Apple platform.  I strongly believe that Apple is here to stay in the gaming business, so it’s about time we jump onboard their bandwagon as well.

3 thoughts on “iPad Has Arrived”

  1. I suppose Apps are great and all since it’s always software that pushes hardware…but there’s no way I’m plunking $600+ for one of these things. That stinks just like the PS3 launch.

  2. Apple sure knows how to waste people’s money with stuff like the iPad. Anyone with a brain won’t touch it with a ten foot pole :P

  3. It’s close to $600, that’s for sure. $499.99 is the basic model. I honestly think this is the first step into what will eventually replace traditional laptops. My initial qualms with the hardware remain the same, but I no longer have any issues with the software given the new firmware update allows for true multi-tasking. I think once more and more people get some hands on time with the device, they’ll see that this is indeed where we are heading. The iPad isn’t the device that will take us there, but I think in another 4 or 5 years it sure will be.

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