COE’s NHL Playoff Pool!

The NHL playoffs have barely started and we’ve already seen some pretty remarkable games. Last night’s two OT thrillers could very well become instant classics. We at COE are major hockey fans…and therefore, created some friendly competition around the office (also known as the internet). So there you have it, five members of the crew made their picks and only one winner will emerge from this contest. The rules are simple, 2 points are awarded every time the correct winning team is selected. You get an extra point by selecting the correct number of games. Whoever gathers the most amount of points by the end of the playoffs receives a special prize. Alright, here are the participants and their first round picks. Feel free to comment below.

Marc-André Lacroix

The COE rookie picked a lot of upsets in the east choosing the Flyers, Bruins and Senators to move to the second round. He played it relatively safe in the west, picking only Detroit to win it over Phoenix, which really wouldn’t be an upset at all. Some overall risky picks that could give him an early lead for the next round.

Picks:    Washington in 6, Philly in 5, Bruins in 6, Ottawa in 7, San Jose in 6, Chicago in 7, Vancouver in 5 and Detroit in 5

Justin Joseph

The COE Editor in Chief was lucky enough to witness his favorite team win its third Cup last year. Though he isn’t very enthusiastic about their playoff chances this year, he did favor them against the Sens. He pretty much kept it simple for the rest of his picks, although he did prefer the coyotes to the red wings.

Picks: Washington in 5, New Jersey in 6, Buffalo in 6, Pittsburgh in 7, San Jose in 5, Chicago in 6, Vancouver in 7, Phoenix in 6

Timothy Magana

Tim is COE’s hockey noob. He just recently took interest in the sport and his fandom has quickly risen. Still, Tim played the numbers and picked every team that was higher in the standings. He’s also the only guy who has a now impossible prediction.

Picks: Washington in 4, New Jersey in 6, Buffalo in 7, Pittsburgh in 6, San Jose in 5, Chicago in 5, Vancouver in 6, Phoenix in 7

Steven Lacroix

I also played it pretty safe, picking only Detroit as a possible upset. The first games have me dazzled a bit, but I’m confident things will pick up by the end of the series.

Picks: Washington in 5, New Jersey in 6, Buffalo in 7, Pittsburgh in 4, San Jose in 6, Chicago in 6, Vancouver in 7, Detroit in 6

Jarrod Nichol

Jarrod submitted his picks at the last minute and it shows. He pretty much copied my picks and put random numbers besides them.

Picks: Washington in 6, New Jersey in 5, Buffalo in 6, Pittsburgh in 5, San Jose in 5, Chicago in 6, Vancouver in 5, Detroit in 5

There you have it folks. You’ll get random updates every round with a leaderboard and new predictions. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “COE’s NHL Playoff Pool!”

  1. Yup, that’s more or less how it went down on my end lol. There are a few entires there I’m sticking with, but to be perfectly honest, I’m starting to wonder if anything I picked will come to fruition.

  2. well the devils and pens tied it up tonight at least. The haws series has finally started too. Every game so far has been tight. The playoff are extremely interesting so far.

  3. And Tim, I’m too lazy to check how to spell your last name. So tell me if there’s an error. And I also noticed that I have an impossible prediction as well. Can’t be perfect.

  4. Yeah my one pick for the Capitals and Habs will never happen now. I knew it was a bad idea, because it seems swipes are not going to happen in the first round.

    Other words, I gave way too much credit for Washington, and not enough for Montreal haha.

    It will be interesting to see who wins the first round pool here at COE :)

    And guys, what happened to Chicago last night…two easy empty net goals for Nashville…Amazing I tell ya!

  5. Yes I watched almost all the games yesterday, Steven. I agree the OT goal for Colorado was beyond weird. At first, I thought the Sharks made a goal on themselves.

    Weird indeed and I was pissed Colorado won. San Jose owned them the whole game, but could not get the puck past Anderson

    My friend is a hardcore Sharks fan and he is hurting right now :(

  6. Guys i love hockey really i do i remember watching my first stanley cup finals in 94 between the rangers and the vancouver canucks, man great series, but since then i was not been able to see much hockey, because here in south america the cable channels doesnt cover this sport, due the small fanbase in latin america, sighhhhhh… but i do follow the games on news and some sites, but iam sad that i cannot see the games (shakes fist).

    nevertheless here are my picks
    Washington in 5, Philly in 6, bufallo in 5, Ottawa in 6, San Jose in 5, Chicago in 6, Vancouver in 6 and Detroit in 7
    P.S I hope you post the winner of this later on even if it is not one of the team COE

  7. “Flyers eliminate Devils with 3-0 win in Game 5”

    Looks like Justin and Manu are the only ones who picked the Flyers to win over the Devils! Good stuff guys and some sweet games too

  8. Forgot to add. Justin picked the right amount of games, and Manu was just off by one.

    Still great work and can’t wait to see the other winners in the near future.

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