Confessions of an Editor-in-Chief V: Costly Anger


*rattle rattle…*

Do you recognize these sounds?  If not, consider yourself fortunate and likely more mentally constitute than the rest of the pathetic gaming community.  I’m not petting your more respectable self-control though, so don’t for one minute fantasy yourself perched on a high horse of sorts.

What am I talking about?  Simple, the onomatopoeia at the beginning reflects but one grave effect of a deadly sin that continues to cripple mankind.  Our failure as a corrupt society (i.e. buying into anything other than a remarkable sense of self-entitlement) is what leads to school bullying, domestic violence, military conflicts, divorce, gang wars, and a whole mess of other moral quandaries.  I speak of wrath my readers, and it happens to be breaking your controllers as well.  Gosh, how dumb and bourgeoisie are we?  Seriously?!

If it’s not our compulsive and excessive competitive nature in the online shooter scene where everyone betrays the rules for the sake of temporary leaderboard glory, it’s one of those bosses that was absolutely designed to jackhammer every button connected to your irritable impulses.

So, how much furniture…how many floors and walls…or worse, friends and relatives, have been victimized by the taste of your plastic childishness?  How many George Washingtons (dollar$ for our international audience) have been sacrificed in the name of a lack of justice for your gamer soul?  How many trips to the local gaming wares establishment have been necessary to purchase what should be participation supplements, but are instead replacements?  On a more humorous note, have any arcades actually made what should never be a dutiful decision to ban your sorry behind?

It’s bad enough that the hardcore demographic bears the stigma of being angry couch potatoes that can’t remember the last time their feet moved more than ten minutes in the great outdoors, but it only validates the stereotype when what is meant to be entertainment becomes everything but.  Friends, this isn’t just socially irresponsible, but it’s more importantly immature and opens the doors for irreversible physical and relational health trauma.  Will it take high blood pressure and an ego that’s impossible to cope with to open your eyes?  Really folks, stop throwing your toddler-esque temper tantrums for the sake of your gamepads’ integrity.  Otherwise, your hardware investment over time will embarrassingly compete with (if not succeed) your software collection, and you’ll continue drowning in foolishness that no one wants to see…all because you’re somehow being…*erm*…cheated?  Right…..

Is your anger creating a burden on this wonderful hobby?  Do feel free to discuss in the comments area below.

10 thoughts on “Confessions of an Editor-in-Chief V: Costly Anger”

  1. I have heard countless stories about people throwing controllers at walls, etc. The truth is that I never really had that problem. Sure I would curse aloud when I died for the 100,000th time fighting Death in Castlevania, but never did I pitch a controller at the wall or anything even remotely similar. I guess I’m in the minority here ;)

    Anyone have a story where you just flipped out at a game?

    BTW, great entry Justin :)

    1. Interesting post, Justin. I don’t think you would be talking about this unless you’ve seen the experience yourself.

      Today, the most I can do is curse at the TV if something frustrating comes my way. Things were different when I was little though. While I never got to the point of flinging my controller to the wall, I did have a tendency to slap my head and thump the controller on the ground.

      1. Of course not Ahmed. I don’t write anything like this unless I have or have had a strong personal connection with it. But I especially like opportunities like this to convey my feelings because it forces people to look at themselves for a change. And it seems like I’ve already upset someone given the article’s rating ;)

        Really though, childish behavior like what I describe here doesn’t help anybody. It’s toxic from the moment it starts, and will negatively impact everything around you. I have one word for people who refuse to face up to that: cowards.

        I think the media avoids this kind of topic on purpose, because they’d rather provide fuel for a flame war or some kind of analysis that everyone forgets about the day after it’s read. Present a challenge, and all of a sudden you’ve stoked the flame of a completely different beast.

        (Glad you liked Jarrod :))

        1. Rating, shmating. You’ve done a good job in conveying this topic, which quite frankly has not been a spotlight at all.

          And yes, you’re right about it being toxic. If you don’t control yourself while playing games, you’ll find yourself continuing down that road of rage.

  2. I have problems sometimes with anger management when playing with games, but I’m way better then when I was younger. However, it still a little unpleasent to be around me when I’m having a hard time beating a boss or getting that last achievement. I’m not proud of that, its something I try to improve. I think I’ve broken one gamecube controller back in the day, but my biggest problem was how I made people feel.

    I remember back when I was around 12, I was playing co-op contra with a a younger kid my mom was babysitting and I would yell at him when he died because we needed those lives for later harder levels. I’m not that bad anymore, but its something I’m not proud of. Games should never be taken that seriously. Heck, I’m still not the most supporting gamer out there when it comes to co-op games. I’m sure Mal and Jarrod can support this, especially with Gears. Sure Jarrod sucks but it’s not his fault if he doesn’t usually play games with more then 2 buttons.

  3. Great article Justin. Your also right that it does make us/me look at my behavior and how it is toxic to everyone around. It’s nothing I didn’t know already but thanks to your article I will keep it in check more. My wife will appreciate it I am sure lol.
    I can only remember one time trowing the controller on the ground and it never working properly again after… I can’t remember what game it was though, It was 3or 4 years ago on the 360…

    1. Yeah, I really love writing like this because it makes people uncomfortable, as it should. Let’s face it, no one likes to be led to believe that they’re wrong. But in reality, people don’t have a clue. Thanks for the comments :)

  4. Steven, I have no idea what you’re talking about :-P That classic game of Gears was one of the best gaming experiences of my life man. “We’ve got this, we’ve got this!” “Excellent!” lol. Classic!

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