Playoff Pool Standings

Wow, the first round just ended with one of the biggest upsets in the history of the nhl. We’re still not sure what happened there but it’s one more example why hockey is the most entertaining sport out there. As promised, here are the current standings. Remember, we got 2 points per right team picked and one extra point for the right number of games. Like I said in my previous post, Mal took some risky picks that could give him an early lead. That’s exactly what happened. The race is still close, but that 3 point lead will be harder and harder to catch as the rounds go on with less opportunities to rack up points.


1. Marc-André Lacroix      15 points

2. Steven Lacroix              12 points

3. Jarrod Nichol               11 points

4. Timothy Magana          10 points

5. Justin Joseph                 9 points


Expect our round 2 picks to be posted tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Playoff Pool Standings”

  1. Congratz Mal! Very nice work in the first round of the playoffs.

    “We’re still not sure what happened there but it’s one more example why hockey is the most entertaining sport out there”

    I can’t agree anymore here! Yes, I’m very new to the sport but I am in love with it. Next season, I have season tickets for the LA Kings and can’t wait to follow a full season of the NHL in 2010-2011 :)

    I got into hockey in Feb, and have had a blast so far! Only thing is, I wish I gave the sport a try YEARS ago but Los Angeles is not a hockey town by any means.

    We love our Kings, but Baseball and Basketball rule these parts. I still can’t understand how anyone can like Basketball over Hockey lol It just does not make sense at all to me.

    Anyway, good luck in round 2 everyone and we will give Mal a run for his money that is for sure!

  2. It’s next to impossible to catch up now, unless Mal picks other teams then we do. Then again, there’s only 4 match-ups. A possible of 12 points. It’s not yet set in stone, but we better catch up in this round because after that, it drops to 6 points and finally 3.

  3. Well to be frank, it’s not as if we thought much about the scoring…so we didn’t predict possible disadvantages or unfair advantages. Either way, I expected to be last, and am surprised I even got that many points. :P

  4. Ha ha thanks Tim :) I’m not feeling as confident in my picks as I did in round 1… I’ll try to keep my lead though!

    1. @Steven Lacroix:

      Of course; I’m not complaining or anything. I like that we’re doing this :) But next season we should come up with something a bit more…’interesting’…so to speak ;) Heck, perhaps we can do a COE fantasy league or something? I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard they’re fun in small groups.

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