Sony Formally Announces LittleBigPlanet 2

What a great way to start off your week.  Today Sony has officially announced LittleBigPlanet 2 for the PlayStation 3.  Once again the game will be made by the super talented folks over at Media Molecule.  This time around you can expect one of the most ambitious games of this generation.  No longer is LBP about building levels, now it’s about building entire games.  It really has become its own platform for building levels.  It’s possible to create shooters, RPGs, top-down racers, and anything else your fancy little brain can think of.  You even have complete control over the camera, so survival horror fans will be able to create some “shocking” moments as well.  Every level you create can then be linked together to form entire “worlds.”  Oh, and the best news of all, the two millions user-created levels that are already online, well they’ll remain where they are.  You can even tweak them with all the new features.

Sony promises much more information around E3 2010, which is fantastic since we’ll be there in person.  LBP 2 will be released this winter.  You can be sure we’ll have much more information in the coming weeks and months leading up to its eventual release.

5 thoughts on “Sony Formally Announces LittleBigPlanet 2”

  1. This is a game i’m looking forward to playing thats for sure. I loved LBP and from what I can tell, I’m going to enjoy this one as well. :)

    Oh and while i’m in the play, create, share frame of mind. Is anybody looking forward to Mod nation racers?

  2. @Marc-Andre Lacroix: Wow I thought I was the ONLY one. I may have lost a LOT of time these past few months, but this is one game I will be all over once it gets released. Mario Kart, but with this whole Play Share Create vibe is bad ass. I’ll see you online for sure!

  3. Am I the only one who’s intimidated by this? lol. Looks really cool, but I have no imagination and 0 artistic talent to create stuff. I could still play the user created games though, whenever my PS3 gets fixed.

  4. Ha ha, I only created enough levels to get all the trophies. That was my original excuse but I found myself really liking the experience. I really enjoyed the MM levels but where the magic happened was going through the user generated content. Brilliant!

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