PSP2 Rumor Round-Up

Multiple sites around the net are reporting on various rumors to surface about the PSP2.  Instead of linking off to each and every other site, I figured I’d just take what everyone else is saying and let you all know that I didn’t come up with this stuff.  Even the thumbnail you see here was taken from a message board from some anonymous fan.  So let’s get to speculating!

Apparently the PSP2 will feature a touch screen, ditch all physical media, and may be 3G enabled.  There are going to be two cameras on this bad boy, one front facing and one rear.  Apparently there will be heavy emphasis on App-building from the third party community to rival Apple’s App Store.  The only way that would work is if they open the development kits to the public, and if they do that, say hello to piracy.

Sources are also saying that gamers can expect a reveal sometime around TGS if not sooner.  It’s expected to be released sometime in 2011, which is always a good guess if I do say so myself.  The system is said to sport a 4-core Cell processor, which is what I find the hardest to believe.  Why, because Sony stepped out of the Cell business some time ago, so why build another custom chip that will be difficult for developers to work with?

At this stage everything is purely rumors and speculation, but since E3 is right around the corner and we know Nintendo is planning to reveal the 3DS, I figured it’d be a good idea to post this and ask what all of you expect from the inevitable PSP2?

4 thoughts on “PSP2 Rumor Round-Up”

  1. That sounds nice, I just don`t want them to ditch the buttons! I was hoping for trophies ha ha but I guess not anymore.

  2. Yeah I’m fairly certain there will be buttons as well. I too have been wondering when they were going to incorporate the PlayStation Network directly into the portable. If they announce the PSP2 and don’t announce it with full trophy support, etc, then that’s just plain silly. Oh, and give us another analog stick already!

  3. They ditched cell support? Really? Since when? That’s new news to me, but not surprising given the complexity of the processors as evident by PS3 development.

    Anyway, an App Store would be really dangerous yet packs some awesome potential. As long as they keep it in a control environment, I think we may have something here. Piracy is going to exists whether you like it or not. I remember Sony boasting about their highly secure PSP and UMD and look how that turned out. Might as well put an App-like store in and try to make it as secure as possible with updates and the like.

  4. Yeah Ahmed, they sold off Cell development to Toshiba a while ago now. That’s not to say they can’t continue to use it in their products, but it just seems off to me.

    I think Sony has to position the PSP against the iPhone more so than Nintendo has to, only because Sony is an entertainment company, not just a gaming company. You can’t have a platform with movies, music and pictures and not go head to head against Apple in this space. That’s why it’s so critical they don’t go half-assed into this, they have to go full steam ahead or else everyone will just ignore them.

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