COE’s New Review Stamps (Near-Final Designs)!

I guess Jarrod has given you a sneak peak of our near-near-final designs of our new review stamps a.k.a. awards. Of course, all thanks goes to our designer, Eddy Tavio, for coming up with some great material.  I came up with the concept of having stamp-like designs for the awards which Eddy brought to life beautifully. We’re still finalizing the dimensions, cropping, and amount of white space. Right now Jarrod’s using the default stuff, but we may play around with these eventually. What do you think, readers?

Eddy took the liberty of slightly changing some of our award titles to flow better with an overall theme. Hope you guys like ’em! Any feedback is appreciated.

One thought on “COE’s New Review Stamps (Near-Final Designs)!”

  1. Well in all honesty i like it, not as much as your medals in the past, but i like it nontheless, a recommendation Though, instead of cherish it, can you put something that implies for your collection.

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