Jarrod’s Weekly Comics

This week I missed out on the latest issue of Superman: War of the Supermen which kind of ticked me off, but what can you do.  I’ll be picking up #3 and #4 next week with the rest of my books.  This week was a pretty small week for me in relation to all the other books I’ve been buying lately.  Take a look at that new Vertigo Crime book, can’t wait to give it a read.

American Son #1 of 4, American Vampire #3, The Avengers #1, Brightest Day #2, Invincible Iron Man #26, and Joe the Barbarian #5 of 8.
The Spirit #2, Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #2, and The Executor.

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  1. I’m just picking up the main story, not all the mini-series. The only reason I’m doing that is because it’s actually more interesting than I thought it would be ;)

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