PSN+ Coming Soon?

Here’s a juicy rumour that just won’t die.  1up has the lasted rumour up, and this one seems quite possible.  Apparently during Sony’s E3 media briefing the company will announce PSN+, which will be a paid service and will allow users special privileges without removing features free PSN users are used to.  That means, you’ll still be able to do everything you currently do with the PlayStation Network if you decide not to pay for the premium service.  So, what happens if you do pay?

For starters, the latest rumours suggest you’ll have access to PSOne Classics, Minis, and PSN arcade games, which we’ve heard a million times before.  The report also suggests exclusive DLC, but the most interesting feature is a 1-Hour trial demo of any retail game featured on the PlayStation Store.  If you have a PS3, and have used the PS Store then you’ll likely know how few retail games are currently available.  This could be an indication that Sony plan to directly attack Microsoft’s Games on Demand, which have proven to be quite successful.  Having a full one hour trial to any game on the store could be quite interesting so long as Sony pumps out the games on a constant basis.

The true question is, will this be enough to convince people to upgrade to PSN+?  The feature list sounds kind of skimpy in my eyes.  I suppose we’ll find out in a few more weeks, but for now, I think Sony’s going to have to offer a little more to get a large group of users to upgrade.

4 thoughts on “PSN+ Coming Soon?”

  1. One thing will make me upgrade, cross game chat. For how much though? hopefully it won’t cost as much as live but even then it wouldn’t be too bad, if the list of features is more exhaustive, witch it will.

    1. Yeah if they do something like that giddy up. Only thing is, I’m sure people will be pissed. Voice chat and messaging does have a cost associated with it though. You have to allow people to leave messages which require server space.

  2. I’m kinda confused here. Exactly what is the PSOne classics thing here? What’s going to be different? Also, exclusive DLC for games? I don’t know how the 360 works, but I’m assuming everyone gets the same DLC. So that would mean Sony would need to either get exclusive, PS3 DLC or bar DLC from regular users. It’s got to be something else, right?

    1 hour demos seem nice though.

  3. From my understanding, if you join the PSN+ you will get a certain amount of PSOne Classics for download from the store for free every month. The same is true for arcade games. In other words, they may say this month Crash is available to PSN+ members for free. Nothing too exciting there. As for DLC, it’ll likely mean you will just get the DLC earlier than the regular PSN members. At this point though, we honestly don’t know much.

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