E3 2010 Live Video Coverage Compilation!

E3 2010 is over, but some of our content will keep on coming. Our internet was kind of slow there so forgive us for the late uploads. Meanwhile, here’s a list of videos we’ve posted on the site. We’ll keep updating our YouTube channel with more content so please check our page for up-to-date uploads.

Our team has really outdone itself this year. I had a lot of fun keeping up with the content as someone who has not been with them.


Quantum Theory

The Agency

DC Universe

Magic: The Gathering

NHL Slapshot

Sonic 4

Madden 2011

Sony Press Conference Live Reactions

Zelda, Kirby, and DKC Returns Hands-on

Nintendo Press Conference Live Reactions

Kinect Hands-on

Microsoft Press Conference Live Reactions

Interview with Nintendo of Canada

Dead Rising 2 Hands-On

Konami’s E3 Games

Project Natal Experience: Sunday Event

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