Mega Man Creator Goes Hollywood, Directs his First Feature Film!

It looks like famous Japanese developers are willing to try new things. We had Tetsuya Nomura, director of Final Fantasy 7, helm his first feature flim based on the game. Now we have Mega Man’s father Keiji Inafune following Nomura’s footsteps with a film based on Dead Rising, available free of charge this summer for North America and Europe. While the method of distribution and the length of the flick are currently unknown, the trailer looks to please Dead Rising fans. It’s just as campy as the games, containing numerous zombies being slaughtered in “first person” as the trailer puts it. Those English dubs really bother me though. Here’s hoping Capcom releases a Japanese version with English subtitles. If not, then hardcore fans will surely find a way to make it happen via torrents.

I’m hope we get a surprise or two out of this film. I’ve been an admirer of Mr. Inafune for so long because he’s one of the few Japanese developers that support collaborating with Westerners, not to mention that Mega Man rocks! Maybe we’ll see a short film based on the blue bomber if Dead Rising Sun is successful enough.

What’s next, Miyamoto making a Mario movie or something? Dream on!

Source: Capcom Unity’s Official Facebook Page

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