Weekly Comics + O.M.I.T. Initial Impressions (Spoiler-Free)

I’ve waited three years for this week.  Before I jump into my initial impressions, let’s showcase this week’s books.

Amazing Spider-Man #638, Amazing Spider-Man #638 1:25 Quesada Variant, American Son #3 of 4, Avengers #3, Batman Beyond #2 of 6, and Brightest Day #6.
G.I.Koe: A Real American Hero #156, Green Hornet #6, Marvelman Primer One-Shot, Neonomicon #1, New Avengers #2, and The Spirit #4.
Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1 of 6, Thunderbolts #146, Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #5, Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #3, and Web of Spider-Man #10.

As you can see I didn’t manage to get the sketch variant for Amazing, but I’ll be ordering it online and will take a pic once it arrives.  The comic shops had to order 100 issues in order to get just one copy of that particular variant.  I may have figured out a way to prevent this issue from ever arising again, and I have no clue why I never thought of it earlier.  More info on that if and when I figure it all out.

Take note that the latest issue of Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet shipped this week.  That’s been an excellent series and one you should all be reading.  On top of that Alan Moore’s latest, Neonomicon begins today as well.  You can’t go wrong with Alan Moore, the man behind V For Vendetta, Watchmen and MANY other classic yarns.

So let’s start talking about One Moment In Time.  The concept was simple, Joe Quesada, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, wanted to explain exactly what caused MJ and Peter not to wed.  Now that I’ve read the first of four chapters, it’s an interesting tale he’s trying to tell.  The first chapter is titled “Something Old” and one would assume that’s referring to the old marriage theme of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  I assume each chapter will be named accordingly.  In this first chapter, we learn two key details, that I won’t be sharing with you.  I’ll simply say that we finally learn what MJ whispered to Mephisto, and we learn what single event caused the MJ and Peter to not marry on their wedding day.  All of this is told by incorporating actual panels and layouts from the original wedding issue from 1987, and it’s also told with “present day” Peter and MJ discussing the event.

So with that taken care of, what exactly did I think after my first read?  To be honest, I was a little let down by what MJ whispered.  I thought it would have been more traumatic, but I completely understand why Joe went in this direction.  Again, without spoiling anything, it certainly changes one’s perception of Peter, in a very good way.  I’ll stop there.

I really liked the overall story though.  Other than the little MJ aspect, I found the issue to be highly entertaining, and I loved the great use of old material mixed with new material.  It still sucks that MJ and Peter aren’t married any longer, but I think Joe’s been able to create a really good tale here.  The thing is, the story is pretty well over, so where does he plan to take things for the next three chapters?  I assume we will continue to learn more about what happened after their marriage and how people forgot Peter was really Spider-Man.

Something else that’s been bothering me as of late is this one little fact.  If Peter and MJ were never married, than they likely didn’t have a child, and then how do they explain the ending of the Clone Saga which was directly related to Ben’s death?  It doesn’t add up.  I hope they have an explanation for the baby Peter and MJ were expecting.  Also, do either Peter or MJ remember anything about the deal with Mephisto?  I hope to learn more about that too.  I seriously doubt either one of them does, but hey, there were hints in some of the Brand New Day stories, especially the Paper Doll issue of Amazing.

So my initial impression is this, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall issue, and the story it told.  At the same time I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed by what MJ told Mephisto, and the fact that seeing these two characters together again and not married feels kind of weird now.

So now I pose the question to you, what did you think of One Moment In Time?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Comics + O.M.I.T. Initial Impressions (Spoiler-Free)”

  1. I read the whole book, I only posted my first impressions based on my initial read. I have much more to say about the book, but that will have to wait until you read it ;)

    I will say this, thus far it may have been a better idea to simply let this die because Marvel has now reopened a whole new can of worms. OMIT is almost exactly as OMD was in terms of ticking people off. I thought the issue was well done, but I fully understand why so many people are ticked off by chapter 1. Let’s just hope the other three parts explain a bit more.

  2. Marvel’s in a bad situation here. They need MJ in Peter’s life so if the new movie brings new readers, she’s around. The problem is that whenever they try and reintroduce the character, we always feel that her and Peter belong together. Now with MOIT, it simply reminds us all that not only should they be together, but how awful OMD really was. Wait until you read how they explain all of this. It’s not very funny at all. I still found the comic to be well put together, but in terms of their explanation, you’re going to be omegaly disappointed.

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