Jarrod’s Weekly Comics

Thanks to the increase in price, I’ve had to drop quite a few books.  You’ll notice as the weeks go on that my list of comics will become even smaller.  This $3.99 price point is just too much given the sheer volume of books I purchase.  So today you’ll notice I only bought 10 books and an original graphic novel.  Before we begin, I promised I’d show you that wicked variant of Amazing.  It finally arrived.

Amazing Spider-Man #638 - All three variant (1:1, 1:25, and 1:100).
Amazing Spider-Man #638 1:100 Black & White Quesada Variant.

I’ve already placed my order for this week’s black and white variant (#639), it should arrive sometime early next week.  I’ll take a pic of that variant once it arrives.  On average, these black and white variants sell for upwards of $100.  It’s because they’re so rare.  There’s only around 600 of these bad boys made worldwide.  Yup, rare indeed.  So here are today’s books.

Amazing Spider-Man #639, Amazing Spider-Man #639 1:25 Quesada Variant, Captain America #608, Casanova #2, Greek Street #14, and Irredeemable #16.
iZombie #4, Secret Six #24, Shadowland #2 of 5, Sweet Tooth #12, Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #6, and Fogtown.

See what I mean?  I’ve really cut back, and it will continue until I’m satisfied with the current pricing on these books.  If you bought anything this week, by all means let me know what you picked up.  I’m also waiting for those O.M.I.T. impressions.

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