You’re Not Supposed To Be Excited For Sonic Colors, So Just Stop!

Sure looks nice, but apparently it's not for the core gamers out there.

1Up has one of the most hilarious quotes ever from Sonic Colors’ lead designer, Takashi Iizuka.  He says…

We know there are sometimes opinions about control from core gamers, but we’re intending Sonic Colors to be played by children of probably between six and twelve years-old.  So, with Sonic Colors we have aimed to make a game that everyone can control and have fun in. So, it’s not really a game for the core gamers. If you take the rail grind, it’s something that’s fast, not difficult but is fun to do and looks great. It’s about making a game that’s right for the core audience of the game.

That sure seems contradictory to me.  He says it’s for everyone, but mainly for kids.  So which is it?  From what I’ve seen of the game it actually looks kind of fun.  Remember folks, SEGA says you shouldn’t get excited about this unless you’re a kid.  Its always important to take these companies at their word, right? O_o

4 thoughts on “You’re Not Supposed To Be Excited For Sonic Colors, So Just Stop!”

  1. Idiots. Just when Sonic Team seems to have a fun Sonic game in their hands, they go and screw it over with the dumbest quote to market the game. I can’t blame ’em though since they sort of lost faith in themselves to create a decent Sonic game. Every time they come up with a new one, they hype it up like crazy that it will be the best Sonic game ever, only to turn up short. Yes, I think the critics overdo it at times, but even I will admit Sonic Team ain’t what they used to. So now, they’re playing it safe and mellowing a bit. Better words could’ve been used by the director though. Admittedly, Colors was a game I was so looking forward to since it’s mostly 2D-based, but now I’m skeptical.

    Oh well, I have Sonic 4 to fall back on either way. Dimps won’t disappoint.

  2. Well that is an…odd thing to say. I admit to being a fair weather fan of Sonic games, but I was legitimately excited about Sonic Colors. It basically seemed like Sonic Unleashed, but just the daytime levels–and that sounds about awesome. Sonic Unleashed had some really cool levels, but it was the “were-hog” thing that bogged it down. I really liked Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and enjoyed Sonic Heroes, but couldn’t get into the ones after that.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is the game I’m mostly focusing on, since it’s a return to form for Sonic. It worked for Mega Man (classic) series after all. Although I admit Sonic Rush for DS was a great game too.

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