Mass Effect 2: Shadow Broker DLC Hits Xbox Live September 7th

Now that I finally finished Mass Effect 2, I’m really excited for anything else BioWare has planned for the game.  Thankfully I won’t have to wait very long.  According to the game’s official site, the DLC will hit Xbox Live on September 7th.  It’ll also be available for the PC version, but we’re mainly console fanatics around these parts.  Talk about awesome!  Here’s a brief synopsis about what this DLC is all about.

Liara T’Soni is tracking down the mysterious Shadow Broker, and no one is safe. She’ll do anything to recover the man the Broker kidnapped… and the Shadow Broker’s agents will do anything to stop her. Team up with Liara and chase clues from the luxurious heights of Illium to the Shadow Broker’s own secret lair. Adds the Shadow Broker intel center, new research, and five new achievements – and the chance to continue a relationship with Liara.

Awesomesauce!  I truly can’t tell you how great game Mass Effect 2 is.  If you own a 360, BUY it right now!  If you’re waiting for the PS3 version, pre-order it as soon as you can.  You will not regret it.

2 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2: Shadow Broker DLC Hits Xbox Live September 7th”

  1. They could have picked a better date! September 7 has NHL and Spidey and then Reach on the 14th, then Deathspank on the 21. When will I have time to play all these?

    1. Who needs sleep anyways? Sleep is for the weak! Show me your true gaming skills! It’s time to stay up until 3AM playing on Live again, just like the good old days lol. Good luck!

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