Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Arrives On November 29th

If you’re not looking forward to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, then clearly you aren’t a fan of Nintendo RPGs.  This bad boy looked great at E3, and with any luck one of the staff members who actually played the game will chime in here and lay down their two cents.

In terms of news, the big N just let it be known that Dark Dawn will arrive in North America on November 29th.  Are you going to pick this one up on day 1, or are you completely not interested?  We want to know.  No, honestly, we want to hear from you.

If you’re wondering why there’s not many pics here, it’s because my net is on the fritz so I’m doing these updates via my iPhone.  Yes, I’m very thankful to have that wonderful gadget right about now ;)

6 thoughts on “Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Arrives On November 29th”

  1. NICE! Cannot wait to play this game, it’s been a long wait since the last game. I’m still curious if we will ever see a console release for this series.

    1. Haven’t played a Camelot-developed game since Mario Tennis for the GBA so I’m definitely looking forward to this one. Not a Golden Sun fan though. Gave the first one a go a years back and I found the dialogue to be really, really boring despite the solid battle system and exploration. I just had to answer too many Yes and No questions which don’t affect the story whatsoever.

  2. Nice, finally got a date!

    I never played a Golden Sun before but I was thinking of jumping in the bandwagon!

  3. I adored the first one, one of the rare rpg’s I actually completed twice, but sadly never got around to defeating the sequel. Too bad I don’t play handheld games anymore…

  4. I have never played a golden sun game before, but seeing the high praise this game has gotten, makes me want it and iam glad they finally put a released date on this one

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