Mega Man Universe Gameplay Trailer & Music Composer Unveiled!

Two surprises in one package, eh? Not too bad. As you can see, graphic style and gameplay look similar to Mega Man: Powered Up, only less Chibi. Two things are revealed at the end of the trailer: Ryu as a playable character and the people responsible for the rocking music remixes. Guess what? Capcom pulled another community rabbit from its hat: The Megas have been known throughout the internet for its awesome rock renditions of Mega Man music (complete with vocals)…and now they’re actually working on music for a Mega Man game! Must be a dream come true for them indeed. While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll hear their vocals in the game itself, their instrumentals still sound just as awesome. Check our their site for more of their music. They recently released an Acoustic version of their debut album which is based on Mega Man 2. Check out their version of Air Man and be prepared to be blown away.

Looking forward to more revelations. I’m pretty sure that there’s a level creator somewhere in there. As for playable characters, you can now safely take your pick from Capcom’s library of mascots.

Source: IGN

2 thoughts on “Mega Man Universe Gameplay Trailer & Music Composer Unveiled!”

  1. That looks nice, although I have to say more exited about the music than anything else ha ha. Thanks for linking that music video. It was an awesome song.

  2. I can’t wait to play this game! Based on the initial teaser, I’m guessing that Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins is also going to be a playable character, and there may be the possibility to mix and match character attributes. I’m hoping other Capcom heroes will be playable in the game. The layout basically seems like a collage of Mega Man 2 stage designs. I’m hoping we see more reference to Mega Man 3 as well, my favorite in the classic series. :3

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