Weekly Releases: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, NHL 11, Kingdom Hearts, And More Now Available

This is where I would normally place a ton of press releases all essentially saying the exact same thing, our fantastic new game is out today…go buy it!  So instead of doing that, I thought I’d try something a bit different.  Below are a few pics showcasing the biggest games being released today.  I didn’t include all the tons of DS kiddie games I know no one cares about.  If you do care, well chime in and let me know.  Oh great, here comes Steven now…

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
NHL 11
R.U.S.E. The Art of Deception
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

For the fanboys out there, I randomly selected the box art.  I suppose I should also mention that this isn’t a giant conspiracy against Nintendo either, you got Metroid, what more do you want?  It’s pretty amazing to see a PSP title released that’s actually note-worthy.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the PSP, but lately that machine has seen virtually no software.  Then again, there’s God of War, which I appear to be the only person excited about.  Good times.

So to get this back on track, are any of you picking up any of this week’s releases?

28 thoughts on “Weekly Releases: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, NHL 11, Kingdom Hearts, And More Now Available”

  1. Picked up NHL 11 for PS3 our team right now is 3-0-0 rank 90. Can you beat that Steven?

    I’d probably enjoy Kingdom Hearts but the only one I played was the first and not even all the way through. I feel like I’ll be completely lost if I jump in the series at this point where they had prequels, sequels, in betweens ect.

    1. I’m waiting for a console version of Kingdom Hearts myself. I really enjoyed the first two on the PS2, but haven’t really tried any of the portable offerings. Been so busy with everything else. Good job on NHL ;)

    2. Yeah I’ve noticed the problem with Kingdom Hearts games is that they don’t recap previous storylines very well. Going into KH2 without having the full background of 1 will pretty much have you lost. Same case with the “portable inter-quels”. Birth By Sleep is pretty special though as it takes place before all the current games. I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on that as well.

  2. I will wait in order to see some reviews prior getting Spiderman Shattered dimensions, i did like the last spiderman game, but i dont know with this one, i do have high hopes though.
    Anyway, can you tell me if the hawx game was any good, it was like ace combat or something on the sim side of things?, i just wondering becuase it is a long time since i dont buy a flying game. 8D

    1. Hey Manu,

      I can’t say anything about Hawx as I haven’t checked it out. Perhaps Ahmed can chime in here, as he’s a fan of Ace Combat and the like. To be perfectly honest, I know virtually nothing of Hawx. Shocking, I know! ;) As for Spider-Man, I’m just waiting to pick it up.

      1. I’m not a fan of combat simulator games, but I’ve been speaking from the mouth of a pal of mine who is one hardcore guy. HAWX sort of mixes it up between sim and arcade.

  3. This is Steven.. too busy to log in. Got Spiderman and NHL 11 last nite. Haven’t had the chance to try NHL yet, played a bit of Spiderman. Your lucky pat, only mal and I will probably get the game on my friend’s list and I haven’t seen mal online in ages. The thing that is great this year is that you can play even if you’re not in a team with other random people.

  4. That’s true. Look at the trophy list though…. INSANE!!! Even some trophies that totally requires you to buy booster packs! Freankin’ EA!

  5. Last year I had all the chievos for NHL 10 in a few weeks, this year it will take months. I don’t mind as I played NHL 10 all the way till 11 was released.

    Our team is 1-1 Pat, thanks to a timely goal by a NPC with less than a minute left.

    Is it me or are the games longer this year?

    And Jarrod, you’ll have to get this game as I need another team member to play with. Mal usually lasts only a game or 2 before heading out to play more SC2.

  6. Well there IS a way to unlock it legitimately, but you have to play forever and it’s quite frankly impossible!

  7. I don’t remember how long they were last year. But a neat new feature is you can see how long your teamates have been in their game if you come in late. That way you can tell if they’re almost done or not. And on average, it seems to last 25 minutes.

  8. @Jarrod
    Star Craft 2 of course :)

    Wow you really need partners! We’re 17-9 in the three nights that the game came out!

  9. We’re now 2-4. I just want people to play dammit! This is the most fun I have with any videogame period, those online NHL matches. Join our team everyone!

    What sucks even most is the last matcg, we we’re losing 2-0 in the 3rd but I had won 13 out of 14 faceoffs which means I was gonna get that 75% shooting percentage achievement in an online match, but then my internet fucked up and I was kicked out dammit!

  10. I’m in way over my head right now. Thanks to our holiday season coming in, I bought Metroid, KH, Spiderman, and one game you forgot to mention: Valkyria Chronicles 2. BROKE and out of time. Currently juggling between Metroid and Spiderman. The former is kinda weird and the latter is a much better game than I expected, even with the cheesy storyline.

  11. Hahaha!

    Yeah I won’t bother with most trophies in that game…
    I thought you had friends to play with though, why didn’t you get it for the PS3 then?

  12. Mostly for achievements, slightly because I’m used to the 360’s analog sticks and my ability to play nhl 09 which I bought on the PS3 was a bit off since I had played the last 2 versions ( 07 and 08) on the 360. It might have just been 09’s tweaks and whatnot, like I said just a little excuse to make me buy the 360 version. Really it’s all about boosting my gamerscore. I have a pretty good hockey record having perfect 1000’s on 3 of my 4 hockey games on live besides NHL 11 of course.

  13. We’re now 15-10-1. We had an 8 games winning streak! Remember, it’s only Mal and I in our team so we can’t play as many games as you guys. Damm I love this game… all I did today was work, eat and play NHL 11. I should be in bed like 3 hours ago but that game kept pulling me. I would still be playing if Mal wasn’t smart enough to know it was time to stop. It’s like drugs….

  14. lol!

    Damn that Mal!

    I gotta admit that it’s really fun and addictive! I spent the first 3 days it came out playing that game all day long!

  15. Eventually you’ll have to stop in order to get a review out. You remember that, right? ;) Can you believe Halo ships tomorrow man? I’m putting Splinter Cell down for the time being because there’s just WAY too many games arriving this week for me to keep going. I managed to score over 800 points, that’s pretty impressive for that game I think.

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