Behind the Scenes of Ace Combat Assault Horizon!

Just as I predicted in my launch trailer analysis post, game director and producer Kazutoki Kono confirmed the notion of this installment being a reboot of the franchise instead of a sequel, specifically addressing us not to call it “Ace Combat 7“. What does that mean for Ace Combat fans? Again, this is no longer a pure combat plane simulator, it’s more of a 3rd person action/shooter…but you’re controlling jets instead of humans. Thanks to the dynamic breakthrough of a new “close-up camera” system presented in the trailer, you always feel engaged in the action even if you’re assaulting enemies from far-off. Excellent stuff. I’m so excited to finally delve into the franchise now that it’s not purely a simulator. Used to suck at playing Ace Combat. Will this alienate die-hard fans though? I’m optimistic. Glad that the team is trying out something new for once. They’ve sort of experimented with that Wii-exclusive title released a year back (it’s name currently eludes me). The trailer alone shows that they have a lot of talent in the action category. They’ve always been good storytellers so everything is going to fit well here.

What say you, Ace Combat fans? Excited for some fresh new gameplay or yearning for more of the same?

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