Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Video

The MMO devs are trying to come up with new and fresh ideas to keep gamers glued to their keyboards, and Guild Wars 2 might just do that if NCsoft plays their cards right. Take a look at this video, and tell me the game does not look amazing! The cities, mobs and design are pretty epic indeed, and the gameplay looks very fast paced too. I love the idea of a dynamic world being used for an MMO. Dynamic quests and content is the next gen step the MMO market is heading, and needs in my eyes.

Anyway, enough of me talking and please do enjoy the Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Video for yourselves!

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Video”

  1. Whoa, If I ever had time for an mmo I would try this one. When is the release date for that?

  2. Sometime mid 2011 i believe. guild wars was an amazing mmo upside is its free to play i can’t wait to try gw2

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