6 thoughts on “Can I Interest You In 10 Minutes Of BioShock Infinite?”

  1. Yeah, I can’t wait for this either. We talk a lot about how many sequels there are today, but when something like this comes around, well…I’ll take sequels any day. This looks spectacular.

  2. Haha,

    Well sequel in games aren’t as bad as movies. For some reason movies seem to run out of ideas per movie they make in the series.

    Games on the other hand almost always improve!

  3. I have nothing against sequels most of the time. I hate the current trend of remakes though. Ico, Devil May Cry… I mean these are last gen games….. I don’t mind remaking games from the 8 bit and 16 bit eras… but don’t remake games that are not even 10 year old. Heck, everyone wants an FFVII remake and I find it too early still.

    Sequels though, especially to great franchises like bioshock or mass effect, those I welcome any day.

    1. Both of you bring up interesting points. I love how sequels in games almost always improve upon what cme before. What I dislike with the gaming industry, as much as with Hollywood, is the milking of franchises. Do we honestly need a new Call of Duty every single year? This is but one example, but it holds. Is there really a new for 746452527 Mega Man games released within the span of two months?

      With remakes, it depends on how they do it. I really enjoyed the RE remake and that was from PS1 to GCN, which was only one generation apart. I agree that we don’t need remakes for every single game that’s ever come out, especially the newer ones. There’s been a lot of talk about remaking the original Halo with all the bells nd whistles we have in the newer titles, but come on. We’re only at 4 main games here. How insane would this be?

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