Netflix Arrives In Canada

If you happen to own a PlayStation 3 or a Wii, and live in Canada, something new is available for you today.

Yup, Netflix is now available in Canada.  The service,which will only offering streamed content, is available for $7.99 a month.  This is the very first time the service has moved outside the United States.  So, any takers?  I’m kind of interested in seeing how this works.  Apparently the service offers 7,000 movies and TV shows.  I’m way too busy to try this out today, but I’m really interested in seeing how good the quality is, etc. For those interested, the service will be available for the Xbox 360 late fall.

7 thoughts on “Netflix Arrives In Canada”

  1. After witnessing the video rental from the PSN I don’t know how this could make me change my mind.

    I’m pretty sure I’m worst than Jarrod when it comes to video and especially audio quality. Streaming just doesn’t cut it for me.

    1. Blu-ray is the format of choice for me for that very reason. I’d like to try it out just to say I’ve tried it out lol. The truth is though, Back to the Future BD is on its way and that’s enough for me :-P

  2. I stream movies and tv episodes on zune all the time. It’s awesome as you can watch old movies that are not findable in video stores. However, I do wish that the library was bigger. I’ve been wanting to rewatch Predator for a while and I have no clue why its not on Zune. Same with Ghostbusters II.

    Netflix sounds awesome though, 20$ for unlimited movies? Sign me up.

    1. See for me vie got access to literally thousands of movies anytime I want, for streaming purposes. For the real experience though that’s where Blu-ray comes into it. Having full 1080p picture and a completely lossless audio track beats any and all streaming services currently out there. What I love about streaming services like Netflix is the fact you don’t have to have q billion discs lying around.

    1. Glad you agree. I notice whenever I use my iPad to type I get some bizarro spelling errors thanks to the auto-correct feature. Perhaps I should turn it off ;)

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