Sad News LBP Fans…

After reading this story you might feel a little like this…

We wouldn’t blame you either.  Turns out that LittleBigPlanet 2 won’t be arriving this year after all.  It was to be one of Sony’s big holiday titles, but it will now arrive in january 2011, if all goes according to schedule.  You know what they say, delayed games are delayed for a reason.  If we get a better experience out of it because of the delay, than so be it.

So I suppose the question I have for all of you is, what PS3 titles are you looking forward to this holiday season?  GT obviously, but what else tickles your fancy?

6 thoughts on “Sad News LBP Fans…”

  1. You kidding me? That’s the best news we’ve had in awhile. A delay will do this game good because GT5 is going to eat up all the hype from this new franchise….not to mention the already-crowded holiday season. For once, the past two years had some strong 1st & 2nd quarter line-ups thanks to holiday delays.

  2. For Sony first party titles, there’s only GT5 that I’m looking forward to before christmas.

    As great as LBP is, it’s not my style. I find it a bad marketing move to release it after christmas though. Especially a type of game like this that aims for everyone.

    1. Not your style! Blasphemy! I really had a blast with the original. I found the controls a little wonky at times, but overall I really loved the creativity. I’m looking forward to GT5, but it looks like third party offerings will be what I’ll be playing this holiday season.

  3. lol! Let me explain myself then. Let’s put GT5 aside. I mostly play games for the story. My favorite type of game used to be RPGs cause they were the only games with a storyline. Now that most games do have a storyline, I just want it to be told in a continuous, more or less linear way. (I prefered Dead Space over Bioshock because it had a little less exploring to do)

    So I don’t like open world games (except for Infamous) and I don’t feel like spending time making levels and trying different levels. That’s the reason why it’s not my type of game. Still fun to play online with friends though :)

  4. Dead Space, that’s one game I haven’t tried yet. This generation has been way too crammed for me. I also really wanted to get into Mirror’s Edge, but never got around to giving that a go either. This sucks! lol. I understand where you’re coming from though, not every game is for everyone.

  5. I’ll probably take the opportunity to pick up games I’ve missed out so far for the PS3, I wasn’t an early adopter unfortunately, so there are many games I have yet to put in my collection. I got the 360 and Wii at launch so I have far more games for those systems. I don’t really mind the LBP2 delay, because it’s not a game I am ravenous for, but I’ll get to it.

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