PSP2 Coming Soon…

Gamespot has an interesting story up about Sony sending out software development kits to many developers all over the world for the new PlayStation Portable.  There’s nothing to really go on right now other than that rumor.  That being said, I think this is quite logical.  Let me put things into perspective for you.  The PSP has sold 62 million units worldwide in its various forms.  That’s 62 MILLION!  That’s higher than any other portable released by a Nintendo competitor.  So what this boils down to is that obviously Sony is going to be working on the successor to the PSP.  It’s common sense.

Remember me?

The big problem facing Sony is that the PSP Go flat out failed, worldwide.  There isn’t a single country where the new form factor worked, proving that Sony really has to rethink their plans moving forward.  The DS on the other hand continues to sell extremely well in all its form factors all over the world.  Even without major AAA software hitting the platform as often as before, the platform moves.  Now that Nintendo has announced the 3DS, every single developer in the world looks to be jumping onboard.  To be perfectly honest, it looks like the PS2 announcement all over again, where it was game over for the competitors before they even had a chance to reveal their hand.

Clearly TGS would have been a perfect venue to announce the PSP2, but I’m starting to think that maybe Sony wants to pull an Apple and simply announce a launch date one month away, announce a ton of launch titles, and say “today you can pre-order it.”  Whatever the case may be, I can all but confirm the PSP2 is currently being handed out to developers all over the world.  The real question is, exactly what does Sony plan to do with this machine and are you at all interested in a PSP2?

5 thoughts on “PSP2 Coming Soon…”

  1. I can’t live without my PSP. Buying this for sure! I just wish it includes a phone cause I’ve been holding off buying a new cell in case this happens.

    1. I’m really not sure what Sony plans to do now. Given how dominant the 3DS looks to be, I am kind of speechless on the matter. That’s ultra weird for me too given what a big mouth I have ;)

  2. I don’t know why everyone is crazy about the 3DS… Cause it’ll have 3D without glasses?

    It needs to be perfectly set so it’s not all blurry. What do you think happens when you play in the bus or the metro? You’re shaking constantly! You’ll probably never see anything!

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