Beyond Good and Evil HD is Beyond Cool!

God of War Collection started an awesome fad; remastered PS2 games playable in glorious HD. Expect more best-selling, critically-acclaimed PS2 games to follow suit. While the Team ICO Collection is on everyone’s radar right now, let’s not count out Beyond Good and Evil. We all know this game’s story; widely praised by critics yet flopping in sales due to Ubisoft’s poorly-timed release (competing alongside their very own Prince of Persia…seriously Ubi?). Well…it looks like the developer won’t make the same mistake twice. Thanks to the renewed interest of the franchise with the announcement of the highly-anticipated sequel, Ubisoft will be releasing a remastered version of the original in early 2011! We all knew that the developer had to re-release the original at some point in order to advertise the sequel.

The big catch here is the platform of choice; this will not be a disc-based release. Instead, it will be heading to Xbox Live and PSN. Very smart move on Ubisoft’s part. Size restrictions on digital services are almost a thing of a past today, and even then I don’t expect BG&E to be that big of a game. Besides, digital distribution will guarantee that the game does not get swiped off the face of the earth by other high-profile retail games in 2011 (especially the Team ICO Collection). In fact, there’s a bigger chance of success as it will undoubtedly be the highlight of both digital services.

I’m one of those unfortunate gamers who skipped on the original release date, so expect me to jump on that HD bandwagon. You should, too. I’m expecting a price of 15$…not bad for a full-fledged PS2 HD remaster.

Source: worthplaying (via Lens of Truth)

8 thoughts on “Beyond Good and Evil HD is Beyond Cool!”

  1. This reminds that Muramasa and Odin Sphere will also receive HD ports for PSN and XBLA. I will totally download all of these. Beyond Good and Evil is a great one. ICO Collection is an absolute must for me too. Sly Collection may also be something I pick up. I am still angry about not being able to play PS2 games on my PS3 Slim. Why is it I can play PS1 discs, which I can buy online, but not PS2 games, which are not sold on PSN store (with only a few exceptions now)? Jeez.

    1. This is a day one purchase for me. I loved this game, and having a nice HD remaster is great. I haven’t played this in a dog’s age either so all the better.

  2. I don’t know anything about this game except that Steven and Marc-Andre really enjoyed it. So I will keep an eye out for it this time around.

  3. I think i will pass on this one, i have it on ps2 and dont get me wrong is a great game loved it, but is albeit to short, so i think i dont will be spending money on this one i will wait for the sly collection and the ico/shadowns one, they give you more value 8D

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