Project COE Game Giveaway – Want Halo Reach – Leave A Comment!

Our second and likely more popular giveaway is for Halo Reach: Limited Collector’s Edition.  The contest details are as follows…

1) Leave one and only one comment.  Leave more than one comment, and you will be disqualified.
2) Contest is open to anyone in the world.
3) Winner will be randomly selected.

That’s about all there is to say.  If you want a FREE copy of Halo Reach: Limited Collector’s Edition just leave a comment below.  Entries will be accepted until Tuesday night, at midnight.  That gives you only a few days to leave a comment.  Remember, if you leave more than one comment, you will be disqualified. That doesn’t mean you can’t get someone else to leave a comment for you ;)

The winner will be announced Wednesday October 6th, in the afternoon, and has 24 hours to acknowledge.  In the event we don’t hear back from the winner, another person will be selected.

Good luck to all those who participate.

26 thoughts on “Project COE Game Giveaway – Want Halo Reach – Leave A Comment!”

  1. They (critics, fans, etc.) said this is a GREAT starting point for players new to the HALO series. Even though that would make sense time line wise, wouldn’t it just be like starting with episode 1 in the Star War series? Most SW fans would say you GOTTA start on episode 4! (in this case- Halo 1 which takes place after this game)

  2. I just started up a Reach campaign last night and I have to say, I’ve never been happier with a Halo title. The slight tweaks in the mechanics every iteration have been welcome, and this time is no exception. And a customizable character for use in campaign mode really helps put you into the setting and really makes you feel like you’re part of the team and part of the mythos.

  3. I must say that this halo was by far the hardest without my bro’s help legendary would have been brutal i kept dying against the first sword guy from chapter 1 or 2 i believe

  4. This is an awesome way to advertise for your site. I wasn’t even aware of you guys till someone linked this giveaway on facebook. Totally bookmarked!

  5. Awesome game, awesome site, gonna be even more awesome when I kick all your butts and WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Didn’t have the money to buy the game when it came out. Really hope I can win. It would really make my day. Thanks ProjectCoe for being so cool :)

  7. hi i would like to say im am a Halo fan but i cant afford to get this game right now so i would like to try this game out … thanks ProjectCEO

  8. Guys, glad to see so many commenters, to the topic at hand this is my frist halo online the other 3 i did played only the singleplayer part, and for me the best of them all was the first one i loved it, the other two where good, but halo reach is for me Halo 2, everthing that was good on one is here with better add-ons, and it is a trully difficult game indeed, and what i like the most is that the AI scalest the difficult according the number of players involve, great stuff.
    As far as multiplayer i suck, but i love it i feel like iam been left behind compare to all the expert halo players out there that have 10 years of expertise, but iam loving it, even if i died a lot and dont get to many kills, i really see why halo gets the love from, it really deserve it.
    By the way iam from venezuela, i hope i win, but wish everyone luck, i do own halo reach but the standard edition, so i think there will be people out there that deserve it better than me, hopefully it will go to one that doesnt own it in any form 8D

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