Silicon Knights & Activision Team-Up For X-Men Destiny

You remember Silicon Knights, right?  The company behind Legacy of Kain, and Eternal Darkness?  Ok, so I hope you remember the company for those games and not for Too Human, which was one of the biggest disappointments of this generation.  Well regardless of how you remember them, Silicon Knights are the developer behind the just announced X-Men Destiny being published by Activision.

Mike Carey, the writer currently working on X-Men Legacy for Marvel, is the one behind the game’s storyline.  We don’t know very much about the game right now except that player choice will be a big part of the game.  We also know it will feature a ton of the most beloved X-Men, but the twist may be that you are your own special mutant.  More info as we get it.

2 thoughts on “Silicon Knights & Activision Team-Up For X-Men Destiny”

  1. Weird. Never expected SK to take on an existing entertainment franchise. They’ve been out of action for a few years now. Don’t know what to think of this since I’m not a huge X-Men fan.

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