World of WarCraft Hits 12 Million Subscribers

I’ve got nothing else to say except…WoW.  12 million people are subscribed to World of WarCraft.  I’m not one of them, and there’s a very good reason for that.  I know the type of gamers I am, and I get hooked into games way too easily.  I can see myself ditching work, and everything else important to create a virtual night elf to rule them all.  Yes, I can be an ubber geek when the mood hits.  Honestly though, this is a true milestone.  We have a big supporter of WoW on the site with Timothy Magana, and I know Justin Simson was into it for a while, but what about you?  Are you the type of person who plunked down four years of your life into the game, or are you someone like me, who has never had the opportunity to experience the game before.  Let us know!

3 thoughts on “World of WarCraft Hits 12 Million Subscribers”

  1. Unfortunatly since the game game out i always told myself i would never start playing this game but then 3 months ago i decided to start playing and i have to say i get why 12 million people play this game. It is a phenomenal game with alot of stuff to do but after a bit over a month of playing i realised i was playing way tooo much it was all i was doing so i decided to put the game down because when i come to games like this i have no control lol. Hands down tho its an amazing game!!!!

    1. I know what you mean, Skulltrasher. This has been the major reason why I haven’t touched MMOs to this day. As a major Final Fantasy fan, I skipped on XI because I don’t want to miss out on console gaming and focus all my energies on MMOs. WOW will remain one of the best because it really mainstreamed the genre to everyone. The rest are either following WOW’s footsteps or remain to be as user-unfriendly. I mean…look at FFXIV…I thought that critics and gamers will eat this game up, but it’s been bashed like no tomorrow because of the huge learning curve involved with it.

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