David O. Russell To Write & Director Uncharted Movie

David O. Russell (Three Kings, The Fighter), has been selected to write and direct Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for Columbia Pictures.  The picture will be produced by Avi Arad, Charles Roven, Ari Arad, and Alex Gartner.  Matt Tolmach, co-president of Columbia Pictures had the following to say about the announcement.

David is a tremendous choice to take on this film. He’s equally adept at combining all the classic elements involved in this property: great character development, strong comedy, and amazing action sequences. He has a brilliant vision for this material and we know he will bring his original, unique voice to this adaptation.

Major props go out to Comingsoon for the info.  Uncharted remains my favorite series of this generation.  It has just enough Indiana Jones flavor mixed with a great cover system, and non-stop action that I simply can’t get enough of the series.  When Uncharted 3 get announced, I will be the happiest man alive.  For now, what do you think of Uncharted hitting the big screen?

3 thoughts on “David O. Russell To Write & Director Uncharted Movie”

  1. Eh…meh. Not really pumped up by this one unless there’s some sort of collaberation with Naughty Dog…at least key staff offering to consult the direction. I don’t trust videogame movie adaptations anymore no matter how hyped up they become. :(

  2. I’m gonna keep an eye on it while trying to not get overhyped. Games turned into movies are rarely good.

    Although I do see this type of game as a great fit for a movie.

  3. This is one of the few videogame movies that could translate very well into a movie. Let’s be honest, this has Indiana Jones written all over it. If they made an adventure movie like that, but incorporated the fantastic story from the game, we could have a winner on our hands. Could be the operative word there ;)

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