Spider-Man Movie Casting Complete – Hero, the Girl, and the Villian

Today we have finally learnt the actor who will play the lead villian in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.  With that, we now have the complete cast of main characters featured in the film.  Take a gander at each below.  One note to make is that we still don’t know exactly which villian this actor will play.

Andrew Garfield - AKA Spider-Man
Emma Stone AKA Gwen Stacy
Rhys Ifans AKA ???


So who do you think Rhys Ifans will play?  The new movie will hit your local cinema July 3rd, 2012.

2 thoughts on “Spider-Man Movie Casting Complete – Hero, the Girl, and the Villian”

  1. She looks even hottier in this picture…. graaaahhhhhh.
    On serious note the guy just look a lot like toby but hairier and with bigger nad hairier brows too.8D

  2. I’m kind of curious who this new villain will be. At least we now have a face to go with the enemy of Spidey, but still no clue who exactly it is going to be.

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