GT5 Delayed…Again…

I consider this non-news at this point.  Look, I’m a big fan of Gran Turismo, but there comes a time when games get delayed so often they become laughing stocks.  Duke Nukem Forever was the poster child for such games.  It looks like GT5 may be the next one.  Sony assures us that the game will be released before the end of the year, as in 2010, but given the November 2nd launch date is now not happening, I’ll be very surprised if it does indeed make it to store shelves before January 1st, 2011.  We shall see.  Prove me wrong Polyphony Digital, prove me wrong!

6 thoughts on “GT5 Delayed…Again…”

  1. I’m really hoping the delay isn’t that long. I just fear the news because of all the delays the game has already seen. Sorry about your wheel, that sucks.

  2. God damn it…. This pissed me off so much! I’ll receive my driving wheel with no game to play it with…

  3. Yeah… they better be right about the “in time” for holidays. But like you I think that’s not gonna happen.

    I just really thought it was an official date this time…

  4. Yeah you and me both. Apparently they want the game to be perfect before release, but I think the truth of the matter is theyite off more than they can chew. This game features so many different cars, parts, and modes that surely the testing involved must be insane. Whenever you add too much to a game, the testing sometimes proves your biggest enemy. Who knows how much more testing is actually required.

  5. Seriously though. If this doesn’t come out in time for christmas… wich Sony first party titles are left?

    LBP2, Soccom 4, DC Universe and I’m sure I’m forgetting more, they’ve all been delayed.

    1. Indeed Pat, indeed. I have no idea what Sony will do. We know that Microsoft has Kinect lined up for this holiday for the casuals and Fable III is their big first party title outside of Halo. I hope for Sony’s sake they don’t have nothing because that would really hurt the bottom line. Apparently SCEA is none to happy with this delay because they realize how many consoles MS could end up selling if they go unopposed.

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